What Happens If I Reject My Hermès Special Order Because I Do Not Like My Choices?


Dear PurseBop,

I got the opportunity to experience an HHS order (Special Order) and now I’m second guessing myself due to the combination of colors selected and now seeing options that would have suited me better with color combinations. What happens if I reject my HHS order? Do I get another opportunity or is it considered a total loss? Thank you for creating an open form for discussion!

Dear Second Guesser:

First, congratulations on creating your first Special Order at Hermès. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected to create a special bag from the curated list of leathers and colors Hermès releases each year.

Second, it is completely normal to second guess your choices after your order has been placed. We have all had that experience and have spent the entire time between placing the order and receiving the order believing we made the wrong choice, thinking we are not going to love our choices, and wishing we could go back and redo the experience. This is such a typical and common emotion.

Third, our advice is to wait until you see the bag you created. Although sometimes tastes and lifestyles change during the waiting period, in actuality there is a reason you made the particular choices and chances are you are going to love the bag you created.

However, if you do not love the bag and wish to pass on purchasing it, that is allowable. This is one of the reasons you do not pay for the bag when it is placed. There is no “obligation” to purchase the bag. Circumstances change and it may not be feasible to accept a bag created a year or more prior. In addition, if you do not like the choices you made you may reject the bag. In these circumstances the bag becomes available to be offered to another client at the manager’s discretion.

It is completely within the discretion of the store’s manager or director to decide if a second opportunity would be offered to create a new bag. It is not a requirement that if the bag is rejected that a second opportunity is given. On the contrary, it is possible that another client would be given the opportunity in the future. There are very few spots given to each boutique each season to offer a Special Order to their clients. It would depend on the relationship you have with your SA and the manager of the store. There is no way to predict what would happen.

We recommend waiting until you see the bag before you make any decisions on whether to accept or reject the special bag you created. You might be pleasantly surprised and love the bag and realize it represents a very special opportunity that very few get to experience.

Good luck and keep us informed on the outcome.


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