What is the Safest Way to Transport My Birkins and Kellys to my Second Home Twice A Year Without Damage to Them??



Hi Pursebop!

How do you recommend traveling with 10 Birkins/Kelly’s? I live in another state 6 months out of the year and fly private but was wondering if there’s a good suitcase that can store the bags without damaging them. Thanks!

Dear How to Travel With Many Bags:

We are not aware of a particular suitcase designed to transport luxury purses without risk of damage. However, a few of our suggestions for transporting your bags are as follows:

The only sure way to store your Hermes bags safely with minimal risk of damage while traveling to your second home every 6 months is to pack each one in their original dust bag and original box. Then bubblewrap the orange box multiple times before packing them securely in a trunk or other large container or box.  Be sure to protect the corners of the boxes with bubble wrap so they do not get damaged as well. This way you will also have the original box to store your bags once at your destination.

Alternatively, you can pack each bag in its dust bag then wrap each dust bag securely with bubble wrap and pack them all in a trunk or other large container to protect them. Although this method saves space, it risks the bags getting crushed or pushed together which could lead to potential damage even if you stuff each bag with tissue paper or other bubble wrap.

Many people who have more than one home keep half of their luxury bags at one location and the other half at the other location. They are not transported back and forth every 6 months so the risk of damage is greatly reduced. This way you have a good number of bags to rotate during the time you are at that location.

Another option is to nest the bags inside each other if they are different sizes. The small or mini bags in their dust bags fit easily inside a larger Birkin or Book Tote. Or you could travel with only 3-4 bags each season and leave the remainder in one location. It is easier to nest a few bags that are different sizes than to transport 10 bags at one time.

I am not aware of a specific suitcase or trunk that would absolutely protect your bags. Traveling can cause damage to your bags even if you have taken every precaution to be careful. It is a difficult decision to decide how to travel with your bags every 6 months. Consider some of our tips and let us know what works for you.

Good Luck.


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