Why Is The Hermès Kelly Pochette So Popular?


Dear Pursebop,

Why is the Kelly Pochette so popular? I feel like it’s a bad version of the mini Kelly – it has no hardware on the bottom to protect the leather from surfaces, it usually comes in swift leather and slouches, plus the lack of strap doesn’t make it as convenient! Is the popularity due to the scarcity of the mini Kelly II and the lower retail price?
Thank you!

Dear Kelly Pochette Skeptic:

You bring up excellent questions with respect to the Kelly Pochette. The popularity of the Pochette seemed to begin in approximately 2019 when more were appearing on social media. At that time it was not considered a quota bag. Being offered a Pochette was one of the best non quota bags that could be offered. Although it lacks hardware to protect the bottom, it sits upright on its base making it easy to place on a flat surface nearby.

Today, the Kelly Pochette is considered a quota bag at most, if not all, Hermès boutiques. In Paris, contrary to the past, the Pochette was not considered a quota bag. Presently, they will not allow a customer to purchase both a Pochette and a quota bag at the same appointment. Of course, there may be exceptions for VVIP’s.

Some locations may only consider the Pochette a quota bag in an exotic skin. Nevertheless, the offer of a leather or exotic Kelly Pochette is a coveted bag.

Although a Kelly Pochette offer is rare, some would argue it is still “easier” than being offered a mini Kelly II, which is becoming harder and harder every day.

The Kelly Pochette has many pros and cons. It is a great mini bag that is the perfect evening companion. However, as a true clutch with no shoulder strap, it is not a hands free bag. It is 2cm longer and taller than the mini Kelly II making Its capacity significantly greater. A cell phone will comfortably fit as well as essentials such as a lipstick, calvi or bastia, and car key. It transitions from day to evening seamlessly as well.

Some argue the Kelly Pochette is easier to obtain than a mini Kelly II. We maintain both are equally difficult. The Pochette is often seen in swift leather which showcases the gorgeous Hermès colors best, both neutrals and pops of color. In an exotic leather it truly shines. Although the construction appears less structured in swift leather, it generally maintains its shape well.

The Kelly Pochette is approximately $2,500 less than the mini Kelly II (in the US), is slightly larger and holds more items, comes in a plethora of eye popping neutral and bright colors, is a great day or evening bag, and has all the identifying elements of a classic Kelly bag. On the resale market the Kelly Pochette consistently sells for 3-4 times its retail cost. For these reasons, it is understandable that it rivals the mini Kelly II in popularity and desirability.

Our articles linked below dive deeper into the pros and cons of both the Kelly Pochette and mini Kelly II. Most Hermès lovers would gladly accept either a Kelly Pochette or a mini Kelly II and we have to agree.


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