Will All Luxury Stores In Paris Deliver Your Purchases To Your Hotel?


Dear PurseBop:

Hi, I was reading the post about buying a Celine in Paris. I am planning to purchase one while I am there this summer and wanted to know if they will send it back to your hotel for you after purchase so that I do not have to carry it around with me.

Dear Shopper in Paris:

Shopping in Paris is always a good idea. Not only are the prices usually better than in the U.S. and other countries, but their selection is superb, and it is also a special memory to buy a coveted item in Paris. And do not forget about the VAT refund as well.

Nevertheless, Paris is a large city and safety is a concern. It is always best to request that your purchases be delivered to your hotel so you may continue shopping hands free and especially for safety reasons. Most, if not all, luxury boutiques (including Celine) will deliver your purchases to your hotel, assuming you made a reasonably substantial purchase.

Happy Shopping and stay safe.

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