#FFFF: Fun Filled Fall Feast

Ok folks, it’s time to begin my #FFFF! It’s going to be a FUN FILLED FALL FEAST. An autumn extravaganza bursting with color and fall flair!

#FFFF (4)But before we begin, I must share with you my plan for the next couple of posts.
A bit of a tangent here, but bear with me. I’m sure you all have heard that when major movies are in production, sometimes multiple endings are scripted and filmed. The goal is to select the ending that speaks most to the audience. Well something very similar happened with the production of this upcoming reveal of my Holy Grail piece. It truly has been like a movie in my life, LOL. PurseBop was in full ‘director-mode’ and shot a couple of different themed reveals… I have soooo much eye candy (pictures) that I need to split them up into chapter posts. You can be the judge of the climactic ending!

#FFFF (5)The last two posts here at my blog will come full circle and tie into this epic reveal that I have in store for you. I urge you to do a quick review so we are all on the same page, hehe. I am just so uber excited to begin… can u tell?

I ask you, what happens when another ‘Holy Grail’ bag begins to pull at your hearts strings? Is it unconceivable to fall completely head over heels in LOVE again? I confess, I feel as though I have somehow been disloyal, unfaithful to my ‘first loves’ by addressing anything new with the precious ‘Holy Grail’ title
I actually looked up the ‘non- Da Vinci Code’ definition of ‘Holy Grail’ when I first read it used in reference to bags at The Purse Forum.

HOLY GRAILany greatly desired and sought-after objective, an object that is sought after for its great significance, something that you want very much but that is very hard to get or achieve.

The first series of official REVEAL pictures comes to you from The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. It’s a treasured, magical place for tree and nature lovers and it’s my favorite walking/biking grounds this time of year. I can even convince my DH (dear hubby) to spend a romantic outdoor Sunday frolicking through the autumn colored sets…AND we did just that, but this time with this silver grey Neiman Marcus ‘box of wonder’ in tow… (his favorite part is still the train ride just after the sampling of wines near the station, LOL!)

Lets get on with it, or else I will be bordering a novel at this rate…LOL

#FFFF (7)This reveal perhaps more than any other carries a special ‘weight’ in my heart. We often juggle our fantasy purchase with practicality…

Rarely does a fantasy purchase like this come without the ‘burden of guilt’. We ask ourselves, is this practical, is this necessary or is this even justified? Quite honestly, the answer is often, no…

And to pretend that I didn’t spend months negotiating these very queries would be false and misguided.

#FFFF (6)But somewhere deep inside I also knew that the absence of this legendary symbol of Chanel would leave me longing, yearning and most likely full of regret. So months ago, as fall previews became rampant I secretly made my wish list. The first iteration was mighty long and this piece always topped the list… so the negotiations of ‘cross offs’ began. After much agonizing the list began to shrink and it became evident that this was my ULTIMATE Chanel ‘must have’ for the fall/winter season…

#FFFF (8)I’m just MUM (with excitement…)

#FFFF (9)Peek-a- Boo! I see you, she says from under that shiny silver NM box…

#FFFF (1)Elegant Solitude …I needed this moment alone on the bench to see it for myself for the very first time :)

#FFFF (2)Finding My Way Out…literally speaking, LOL as we make our way through the Arboretum Maze Garden

#FFFF (3)Tomorrow I will walk you through these Morton Arboretum gardens with complete details of the sets, and it will be with the bag in its full radiance! I can hardly wait but I know it’s going to be a long night sorting through myriads of shots to create the perfect picture book for you :)

Lets meet back here tomorrow for more magical #FFFF
Sweet CC dreams everyone…



Published: November 9th, 2013
Updated: December 3rd, 2014

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