Hermès Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year Could Help Your Profile

What do Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year have in common? If your first guess is red, although true, that’s not what we’re thinking. Rather, let’s go orange, as in Hermes and shopping. Both holidays provide early-in-2024 gift-giving opportunities to boost (or establish) your Hermès spending profile. Alternatively, no doubt someone in your life has a special occasion coming up. Consider all of the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other events noted in your calendar.

So why not get a jump on showing your commitment to all things Hermès? You never can predict which offers may come your way as a result.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

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Scarves and Scarf-Related

Long known for luxurious silk and cashmere-silk fabrics, a Hermès scarf or shawl, or even a necktie, is never wrong. In fact, many of the designs are true works of art, created in collaboration with masters like Alice Shirley and Nigel Peake.  


Warm someone’s heart (and neck) with the full size classic cashmere-silk shawl. With patterns and colors galore as options, there’s one (or several) for every wardrobe, priced around $1300. 


This one plays on the new Year of the Dragon, incorporating Dragon into the name Zouaves and Dragons – albeit not referring to the mythical creatures. Instead, as described by Hermès:

 “The scarf receives its name from outfits of French light infantry units in Africa called Zouaves, and cavalry soldiers fighting on foot or horseback known as Dragons. Adorned with trimmings, stripes, braids and silk embroidery, these costumes seemed to come to life.”

Alternatively, bring in the color red. This classic Hermès motif brings the hue of love, without screaming.

Another option are the silks, whether in the classic 36” square (90cm), the larger 55” square (140cm), smaller and/or triangular. These hand-rolled beauties look different depending upon the knot you use and quite versatile. The larger sizes can be twisted and tied as a top (on some bodies anyway) or worn as a beach cover up. Any can be framed and used as artwork in your home. Twillies decorate and protect bag handles. All you need is your imagination. Prices range from about $220-990.

For a true Hermès lover, this one honors the Flagship.

And just look at the adorable “Just Married” motif, in petit size.

When it comes to gifts about scarves, not everyone is proficient at knots. A Hermès scarf ring could help.

Another option is to read about scarves, with Hermès popup book.


Moving from the neck to the wrist, say “I love you” or “Happy New Year” with a stack. Jewelry is a category destined to elevate your shopping profile, especially for the fine jewelry pieces. Prices begin around $200. 


Hermès bangles are about as classic as it gets. Enameled, thick and thin, these styles go back decades and remain chic. Just ask any collector.

Want a little more pizazz? Try a clic clac style.

A newer model – the equipe – is a classic design. A bunch of these worn together, makes a real statement (and sound). 

Prefer leather. Go for the Kelly double Tour. Or upgrade to the Collier de Chien in leather or exotics.


Is there anything more classic than the Hermès leather belt with the H buckle? Whether silver, gold, or rose gold-toned, this style has worked for men and women for decades. With a reversible leather strap, it’s the best kind of two-in-one deal. Nowadays, there are a myriad of buckle and leather combinations, and even small, medium, and large sizes. One option even has its own little purse.

Other Accessories

While it’s not likely you’ll score a handbag, what about a pouch to take to the beach? Water resistant, it will stylishly transport your sunscreen and sunnies.

Perhaps cover your head with a Hermès hat. The classic is the Saint Malo. But Hermès makes baseball caps and beanies too, for the New York and Brooklyn vibe.

Home Accessories

The decorating à la Chez Hermès trend shows no sign of receding any time soon. Just a little touch of the brand’s home furnishings can add style to a table or bed.

Of course, if you want to make a big statement with both your loved one and Hermès sales associate, you’ll have to go into the boutique. Special order a leather saddle (and be prepared to fund the horse too) or a desk. We suspect a bag may magically appear.

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year. 

Published: February 8th, 2024
Updated: February 8th, 2024

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