Glamorous Gladiator…

Beautiful for the way she carries the world in her shiny eyes
Rainbows in her palms and the sky in her heart…

untitled 2

And Beautiful for the way she dances to songs in her head, loves from the depth of her soul and speaks with her own rhythm…

untitled 3

And Beautiful for the way she carries her boy bag with charisma, capturing the world…giving back a million dandelions for each girl who dreams the same dream…

untitled 9

untitled 7

Beautiful in her bravery, bold and yet so graceful…

untitled 6

untitled 5

Beautiful for her restless urge to be a flower of her own kind, to blossom in a garden full of hope…


untitled 4

And beautiful for her shameless crimson lips, leaving her shade wherever she goes…

untitled 1

She walks with the whole world under her feet…

-Written by Sachi


Gladiators: Christian Louboutin S/S 2014
Bag: Chanel Boy Bag 14S

Published: July 22nd, 2014
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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