Hermès Alert: Changes to the Birkin/Kelly Quota System

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Hermès is changing its bag quota system. Two quota bags a year now means two quota bags a year!

As a refresher, Birkins and Kelly are considered “quota” bags. If you are lucky, you may purchase no more than two Birkins and/or Kellys a year. These bags generally were allocated on a “semester” basis. This means you were eligible to buy one in January – June and one more in July – December. Of course, it assumed, you were offered these bags at all. And, yes, there are some people to whom the rules never seemed to apply. Lucky them!

We recently reported on whispers that Hermès was doing away with this semester system. The rumor was that Hermès was keeping to two bags per year, but now permitting two purchases at any time in the calendar year.

And it’s now official. Our sources say: two Birkin and/or Kellys at any time during the year. Buy them both in January, split it up for special occasions, or save it for the holidays. Your choice… sort of. You still must wait for Hermès to have and offer, lol.

To read more about the quota system and how to get around it:

How To Get Two or More Hermès Birkins (or Kellys) In a Year

Does this matter to you? Did the old semester system put a damper on your buying power?

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Published: February 9th, 2020
Updated: February 9th, 2020

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