Hermes Has a New Bag??

In a few adjectives, the Hermès Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Show was understated sophistication with a fashion-forward flair. Sticking true to their equestrian spirit, the show took place at the Stables of the Horse Guard in Paris, which perfectly complemented some of the riding-inspired ensembles. Fall/Winter 2015-2016 was Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s debut collection as the newly appointed artistic director of Hermès. Vanhee-Cybulski’s embodied the iconic Hermès character well by experimenting with leather, silks, and ‘H’ embellishments.

Her greatest innovation in the line is undeniably the new octagonal shaped bag named “Sac Poudrier”. The Sac Poudrier’s angular structure comes in three different styles—the clutch, top handle handbag, and shoulder bag with a strap. Each bag features a silk interior for added luxury. Exterior wise, the bags were featured in ostrich, crocodile, and leather, with colors including black, red, and beige. The mini clutch style features a drawstring top and attached strap.

While the Sac Poudrier still fits in with the minimalist, functional style of the other Hermès bags, its angular look is definitely unexpected and fresh.

Quite honestly I’m intrigued! Share with me your initial thoughts…

Do we all need a Sac Poudrier for our new Fall wardrobes?

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Published: April 7th, 2015
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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5 Responses to “Hermes Has a New Bag??”

  • I do love smaller clutch version with the draw string ,of the new Hermes Sac Poudrier for the evenings , it really looks good in croc and the color as pictures above .

  • Love the last pic one with the shoulder strap. I won’t mind having one in my closet

  • Hmmmm….. Cybulski’s debut….. Very careful reviews coming in on the whole collection- so far. The “Sac Poudrier”, according to my info, was not presented at this podium so far, but it is always an unpredictable game with Hermés, as we all know. Not everything seen on the runway will hit the shops (same modus operandi w all the big designer houses), especially when it is not a hit from the start (usually the buyers and SMs have a major say). So- we shall see.
    I, personally, am not a fan. Too boxy, too masculine? BUT- adds to the variety.
    There were always bags Hermés tried to implement into the “super popular” circle of the Birkin, Kelly, Evelyne, Jypsiere, Constance, Jige and Medor. Some were more successful (Toolbox, for example, is quite popular with the fashion pack), some were less (Egee). Some, unfortunately, were produced as very limited (Constance Cartable).
    What I find of a more interesting and very insider news, Hermés is debating of implementing a special marking scheme- besides the craftsman stamp (the personal mark of the craftsman who made the bag and the stamp of the year of production), each bag would have its own identification number, which would trace it down to a specific customer. This, in my humble opinion, was something that should have been done some time ago. As it is a great tool how to control (at least to a certain measure) and monitor the reseller’s market, which went haywire in the past few years. Maybe it’s about time Hermés returns to the “classy” business.

  • Just bought Craie octogone and loving it!!! wouldn’t recommend for “classy” ladies though, thus is more of a kooky style with some street vibe, perfect for my style ????????????