I Can’t Live Without: Smoking Slippers

(They’re Not Just for Great Gatsby Anymore!)
While I couldn’t find any literary references to Smoking Slippers, the term is likely inspired by the smoking jackets worn exclusively by men at home in the 19th and 20th centuries. Often fashion editors create a new term to establish a trend, and since the term ‘bedroom slipper’ carries significant fashion restrictions, why not name them ‘smoking slippers.’ After all, slippers, by definition, are meant to be worn indoors only. Very Hugh Heffner, wouldn’t you say?

Everyone is wearing the footwear once reserved for cigar-puffing, scotch-swilling men in velvet jackets. These somewhat androgynous slippers debuted themselves last fall but have continued in strong trend for the upcoming spring season. Every designer from Prada to Manolo Blahnik to Louboutin is sporting some version of the smart ‘smoking slipper’. They can be found styled in sueded caviars, patents, lambskins and even solid Swarovski studded ones (hmmm, sounds like PurseBop is strongly influenced by Chanel classics lingo, LOL).

As we approach the final days of what seems to be the end of winter, I hope to put away my boots and bring out my favorite smoking slippers, no surprise here—they are Chanel!
My Chanel smoking slippers somehow fill in that transitional gap (where no one knows what to wear in that ‘change’ of seasons). The slipper flat looks fab with skinny jeans gathered at the base, or ankle baring cropped floods.

I simply cannot and WILL NOT do the whole socks with ballet flats sort of thing, so for me the smoking slipper offers a little more coverage for my bare feet!

I bought mine last fall from Neiman Marcus @ Bal Harbour, and luckily they are rereleased for spring again…
Ican'tlivewithoutsmokingslippers (1)

Ican'tlivewithoutsmokingslippers (5)This season Chanel offers quite a variety, I guess they proved to be very popular!
Ican'tlivewithoutsmokingslippers (2)Some funky Christian Louboutin ones I saw yesterday at Neiman Marcus…
Ican'tlivewithoutsmokingslippers (3)PurseBop is on the hunt for a Spring pair: what do you think of these ‘Del Toro’ velvet ones @ The Webster Miami…  they ‘look like’ the real thing!
Ican'tlivewithoutsmokingslippers (4)Now all we need is the matching ‘Smoking Jacket’… I’m sure we’ll see Leonardo Dicaprio sporting the full variety in the upcoming ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie.


Published: April 22nd, 2013
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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