Little Red Riding Hood goes ‘Head Over Heels…’

Part II
There was a whirlwind of themed activity that followed the arrival of the new wheels and somehow everything with co-ordinating details, LOL (at least this is how I justified it all to my darling hubby). Thus, their debut needs to be documented and linked here with Mr. PurseBop’s RED.

LittleRedRidingHoodgoesheadoverheels(6)In order to keep the Big Bad Wolf away, LOL, we took a drive to the newly launched Chicago Tom Ford boutique that was having a private ‘WHISKY’ tasting and men’s skincare event …and oh my, with my BOY on my arm and my HUBBY by my side these golden beauties were a ‘no brainer’!
Don’t you just love the personalized Tom Ford label on the box….ahhh the little details we girls adore! I should really have my label swapped out to read’PurseBop’…



LittleRedRidingHoodgoesheadoverheels(14)The very savvy sales associate Yvonne Patulski spotted my ‘goldilocks’ and was all to excited and eager to share these glistening sexy numbers! To my utter delight, the soft straps just melted and molded to my feet :)



Match made in HEAVEN…
p.s. in case you want a dose of CARMINE RED for your lips, check out TF’s ‘CHERRY LUSH’ lipstick…its MY new ‘currently obsessed’



Another RED inspiration: the infamous Valentino rockstud sandals, with low enough heels just perfect for evening city strolls and vacays…




( I must tell you that Mr. PurseBop chuckled with amazement when he saw these story pics! He exclaimed, “you actually managed to create a story with my Porsche, something you keep calling a‘BOY bag’ and these shoes we bought that day??? NOW I know why you picked these ones, LOL…
I should have known PurseBop was up to something!!!) Some late night shots  of my ‘red riding hood’ after ‘date night’ (pics are at home amidst our holiday lights)…


and yet another trip to my favorite boutique, hehe…



Sweet dreams my friends,
Loving wishes for 2014, from ‘my family’ to ‘yours’…


Published: January 5th, 2014
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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