“Outfit Of the Day”

OOTD = “Outfit Of the Day”

Usually used on fashion blogs, or other places where people show others that they are wearing or have worn.

Some might think of fashion as just a current craze, trend, or fad. But to many it is a distinctive way of expressing oneself, a prevailing style or custom and the ultimate characteristic of the social elite. Media often depicts our image of what style is dominant in certain cities. When you think of Sex and the City, what do you see? Four fabulous, glitzy, glamor gals running around the streets of NYC in their 5 inch Manolos. While that may be the case for evenings out in Upper East Manhattan, most New Yorkers run around daily in their ripped up jeans and moto boots getting on and off subways and merging through crowded sidewalks.


sex and the city cast on set 3 080909


NYC Street Style


 1 (1)

Here in Chicago there’s quite a mix of flair, ranging from Lulu Lemon side walk runners, jeans, knit sweaters and ballet flats to women decked out in designer.

 2 (2)

Photo courtesy: Athleta

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Photo courtesy: chicagostreetstyle.com



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Photo courtesy: Native Fox

Walking down the streets of Miami, you’ll see vibrant neons, booty cut off shorts, florals and lots of crop tops at every corner.


Photo courtesy: Diego Zuko // Harper’s Bazaar

 1  2


Photo courtesy: Diego Zuko // Harper’s Bazaar

The word London just automatically makes me think of trench coats and Burberry plaid.

 2 (1)

Photo courtesy: IMAXTREE // Stylecaster


Photo courtesy: Peony Lim

People commonly just believe that clothes are worn for the obvious reason that it is what is expected of us by society. But others see it as more than that when getting dressed in the morning. The clothing you wear can mean so many different things and often conveys a lasting impression of yourself upon others. First impressions are frequently made by what you have on. Attire can portray a lot about your personality, occupation, economic standing or even religion in some cases.

​Here are some of YOUR fabulous OOTD’s!! Thanks to all who participated in our IG hashtag #PurseBopPicksOOTD.
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 7 2 (2)  3 (2)
 8 4 (1)
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A common misconception people have about fashion, is the history behind it. Fashion designers around the globe live their lives day to day inspired by those who came before them. Some go their own way for a certain collection and others try to revive the past and bring back historical silhouettes created by prior designers, but the outcome all depends on the consumer. The same top can be worn three completely different ways by three different fashionistas. This column we want to dedicate to #OOTD!

Comment below what your personal style is…

  1. Suit and a structured tote
  2. Anything blousey, furry and sparkly
  3. I live in my lulu leggings…
  4. I don’t care as long as I have my designer bag
  5. Jeans, tee and moto boots

Please share below, we all wanna hear!

Keep hash tagging your favorite looks #PurseBopOOTD because we’ll surely be doing more of these features!

Love PurseBop


With such a formidable turnout of #pursebopOOTD pictures we decided to add more of our IG divas to the feature!


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Love the enthusiasm fashionistas, keep hash tagging #pursebopOOTD and we may need to create a regular column here at PurseBop.com!


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Love PurseBop

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4 Responses to ““Outfit Of the Day””

  • My daily uniform is polished, clean lines, easy to move around in and easy to wear. Being a stay at home mum does not mean I’m a slob. So, dark skinny or straight leg jeans, Capri pants in black or navy blue, collared fitted shirt in white, light blue, navy. Tshirts/tops (Breton) – usually St James or Armor Lux – white with navy, black or red stripes or just plain white. Ballet flats – Chanel, quilted or plain in black, red or beige/black toe. In cooler weather, I add a navy or black blazer. Currently on the hunt for the perfect Burberry trench coat and a wool twill midlength black and or navy coat.. Lastly, black leather boots. I still carry a diaper bag. Miss Maxi Chanel needs to wait a few more months before I can regularly carry her again.

  • Thank you for the feature my dear!

    I would have to say my style is feminine/girly and COLORFUL! I almost always wear a dress (90% of the time), sometimes a top and skirt… very rarely am I in jeans/pants. I love prints, and accessories are my best friends – fun or sexy heels, a great bag, and fabulous jewelry complete an otherwise basic outfit!

  • don´t know why but sometimes when I write a comment on my phone, only part of it is posted :( so please dont think I´ve gone crazy posting nonsense that doesn´t have an ending haha what I meant to say in the above comment is that I don´t think I have one specific style, it all depends on my mood, hurry and lazyness haha loved this post and the beautiful IG ladies featured in it! XOXO