What’s your HGB (Holy Grail Bag)?

Which is your favorite of these 12 featured here: What’s your HGB (Holy Grail Bag)? Let PurseBop help you decide…




Would you like to explore some additional Holy Grail treasures (delicious Hermès eye candy…) ?

You’ll have two more opportunities to make that dream bag your own. First on Monday June 12th, Christie’s will hold a live auction at their headquarters in London. As most of us aren’t in London on the day of the auction, they make it very easy for us to bid by phone or through the Christie’s platform.  However, tomorrow – June 11th will be the last day to register for the live auction. In case you’re out and about in London, the bags are on display from 12 -5 this weekend.

Next, from June 13th – 22nd Christie’s will host an Online Handbags & Accessories Summer Auction. We will be in NYC for the launch of this one, so there will be lots of live coverage via Pursebop  —but remember, we won’t be going alone.  We plan on taking all of you with us vicariously as we explore Christie’s world of handbags together.

We have many special things in store for you, so stay tuned.

Love PurseBop

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