First Look at the Bags from the Chanel Metiérs d’Art 2020/21

Sometimes, good things come to those who wait. And, sometimes not. In this case, we’ll let you decide. New to the Chanel U.S. website are photos of the fall bags just trickling into stores. Bags are often difficult to see and discern in fashion shows and collection pix, and occasionally differ when ultimately released.

Now, however, we get a better look. Below are some of the ‘different’ or different fabrications coming from Chanel.

Three Non-Flap Bags

Despite being the Year of the Flap (with the iconic flap advertising campaign), there are (at least) three non-flap bags featured on the Chanel website. So if you’re in the market for a shopping tote, a drawstring bag, or a clutch with handle, you have an option.

This shopping tote likely is the most controversial. Composed of braided velvet and metallic lamb, it’s slouchy shape is enhanced by a classic flap-like pouch. Or, as Chanel puts it, “contrasting volumes.” Retailing for $7900, it is available in black and burgundy.

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Chanel categorizes the other two bags as examples of “elegance and refinement.”

The first continues with unstructured style as a drawstring bag. Albeit with a Chanel chain-link cage of sorts. Made of tweed and gold metal with a ring chain and leather-laced handle, it retails for $6400.

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If your idea of a clutch is one with a pearl handle, then here is it. However, it’s not really petite, with measurements of roughly 12″ x 10″ x 2″.  Made of quilted lambskin with (of course) imitation pearls, the price is $4100.

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Flap Bags

It is Chanel, so, of course, there are plenty of flap options, whether you look at the Classic, 2.55, Boy, or Chanel 19. Embellishment is in, with complicated and mixed fabrications. Here are just two.

First up, a small size colorful classic flap made with sequins, wool, and satin. You know its complex and coveted when the price is only available upon request.

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Mini lovers – if you thought $3300 was a lot for a wee bag, then get a load of this one. In the 2.55 style, it is made with velvet, glass pearls, and crystal pearls. $10,000!!!

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Do Chanel’s non-flap offerings catch your eye? Or are you sticking to flaps? Plain or fancy? Let us know.

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Published: June 9th, 2021
Updated: June 9th, 2021

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