The Apple Watch Hermes is Now One Click Away!

Apple and Hermes’ recent collaboration on the Apple Watch Hermes first came as a surprise, but the duo has truly achieved the perfect balance of elegance and functionality with this luxury product. Since its release in October, the Apple Watch Hermes has only been available in boutiques in major hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Miami. Luckily, this coming Friday, January 22nd, the Apple Watch Hermes will be available for purchase online at both and Both sites will host the entire collection of straps: the Single Tour, Double Tour, and the Cuff. (For more style and pricing information read: PurseBop’s Guide to the Apple Watch Hermes)

PurseBop was already tempted enough by the Apple Watch Hermes, but the fact that it’s now only one click away totally changes the game! Share your thoughts on the Apple Watch Hermes and this latest e-commerce venture in the conversation on BopTalk.

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Visit PurseBop’s Guide to the Apple Watch Hermes for more details.

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  • One click away or not, I still think this watch is extremely beautiful and cool ☺️?❤️?