The Ultimate Chanel Pieces from the Bonhams Auction

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Once upon a time, we could easily waltz into the Chanel boutique and browse the French maison’s latest offerings. For many of us these days, that luxury is merely a daydream. But that doesn’t mean we have to let our Chanel dreams fall by the wayside—especially when there is a Chanel auction as grand as Bonhams’s “The Chanel Collection.” The beauty of such an online auction, of course, is just how varied it is—the pieces draw from all parts of the maison’s history, and classic flaps sit alongside some of Chanel’s most contemporary designs. And we’re not just talking bags here—python, tweed, and calfskin bags are interspersed with enamel cuckoo clock earrings, lion chokers, and much, much more.

With such a stunning collection of Chanel items, we’re honored to partner with Bonhams, one of the world’s most historic auction houses, for the sale, which runs from February 5th to 16th. The auction offers more than 200 pieces that run the gamut of Chanel’s designs. Many of the pieces are even from a single-owner collection (wouldn’t we all love to be that collector…!).

Rarely do we get to see so many Chanel pieces at once, and so we thought…why not play a little virtual dress-up? See our favorite pieces—and the outfits we’ve created with them—from the sale below, and don’t forget to take a peek at the entire auction here.

Cocktails & Chunky Knits 

Let’s face it—this is that outfit you throw on after spending an hour or two hemming and hawing over what to wear. In short, it’s your go-to, a.k.a. the perfect ensemble to change into just before you rush out the door to meet the girls for drinks. It’s classic, the alligator bag would turn heads wherever you ago, and the whimsical earrings practically whisper “Chanel” straight into your ears.

Springtime Stroll

In the dreary depths of winter, it’s hard to remind yourself that yes, spring will in fact arrive, and we’re not all doomed to freezing temperatures for the rest of eternity. (A comforting idea, to be sure.) And if there’s anything that can make us even more excited about spring, it’s this jubilant outfit with a lovely camellia flap bag. Flowers? Pastels? Count us in.

A Night Downtown 

A cherry red python Boy Bag, lion choker, tweed boots, and a slick black jacket add up to one killer outfit. It’s exactly the kind of ensemble you’d wear to meet up with friends at the Bowery and linger until you’ve had just one Manhattan too many…and find yourself still downtown into the wee hours of the morning as stylish as ever. Sure, those evenings seem far off now, but that can’t stop us from dreaming about them.

An Elegant Affair

If any maison has perfect elegant occasionwear, it’s Chanel. Where else would you find the gown, the jewelry, the heels, the clutch? We can’t get enough of this striking minaudiere (no. 5, of course) and this floor-length dress: a tried and true combo for any black-tie affair.

Tropical Paradise

Of course, the same fashion house that’s perfected tweed and timeless neutral classics would also nail the designs that are contemporary—and, most importantly, pure joy. Who wouldn’t be drawn to the PVC classic flaps, or a colorful silk maxi skirt? Wearing them is like the sartorial equivalent of sipping coconut water by the beach in Tulum.

Gal About Town

Nothing dresses up everyday casual chic like Chanel costume jewelry and a fun flap bag—and dare we say this Byzantine tweed Reissue may be as fun as they come. We can’t all look too serious in our (gorgeous) tweed jackets, now can we?

Tell us—would you wear any of these outfits? (And if so…which ones? We’re dying to know.) Or better yet, browse the full auction here and see if you can spot any Chanel items you’d like to mix and match. It’s a little like walking into the Chanel boutique—virtually, of course—but with vintage pieces galore. Enjoy!

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Published: February 7th, 2021
Updated: February 7th, 2021

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