Top 6 Christie’s Picks

As PurseBop reported earlier, Christie’s is in the middle of its New York City online auction. This comes at the perfect time as the  holiday season enters full swing. This year’s selection is wonderfully diverse, ensuring that there is something perfect for every bag lover. So whether you’re buying presents or looking to add to your own holiday haul, all people on the nice list can rejoice!

All selections are on view in NYC until December 5th, when the auction ends. It is best to register online in advance to bid, which you can do here. PurseBop was able to make the trip out to the Big Apple and meet with Caitlin Donovan, US Head of Sales, to see the bags up close and personal. Of course, PurseBop fell in love with many a bag, and Caitlin and PurseBop each selected their favorite three from this winter auction. Their exciting day is fully documented on the @PurseBop Instagram story, which features their selections as well as small interviews. Take a look at our top six picks, and make sure to shop the entire collection.

Caitlin’s Picks

Caitlin’s first pick, the limited run Gold Togo and Amber Swift Officier Birkin is the wonderful combination of classic Birkin style and elegance with a modern playfulness. Click photo for more info.

This limited edition Retourné Kelly is another standout selection. The lush Malachite is enchanting to look at. Paired with it’s whimsical Bleu Zanzibar and Black Calf handle, it’s a statement bag sure to spice up any outfit. Click photo for more info.

Everything about this Touch Birkin is masterful. From the Bleu Marine alligator top flap to the rose gold hardware, this Bleu Saphir bag is the epitome of function and fashion. Click photo for more info.

Caitlin’s picks meets PurseBop’s own Birkin 30 dressed in a PurseBop Frock. 

PurseBop’s Picks

PurseBop loves this Shiny Vert Anis Crocodile Sellier Kelly. A 25, it provides just the right pop of color and texture. Click photo for more info.

This limited edition Touch Birkin is one of the earliest released in the series, making the handsome matte alligator Vanille bag an essential in the collector’s purse wardrobe. Click photo for more info.

Another limited addition, the Touch Birkin is timeless elegance with its shiny Black Niloticus crocodile top flap and handle against the Black Novillo leather body. Click photo for more info.

Those are our favorite selections from this season’s auction. Again, if you would like to bid online, you must register here. All the bags up for auction are all being shown in NYC if you want to visit them in person. To see more of the bags for sale now, you can play our latest round of This or That. Try out a mini-round with Caitlin and PurseBop’s selections below.

Caitlyn’s Bleu Marine alligator and Bleu Sapphire pick or PurseBop’s alligator Vanille?

The shiny Vert Anis Kelly or the Black Niloticus on Black Novillo Birkin?

And to wrap it up, there was one bag so undeniably exceptional that both Caitlin and PurseBop had to agree. This special seventh bag is as much a work of art as it is a handbag, which makes it the perfect way to round out our Christie’s picks.

With white gold and diamond hardware, this Braise Kelly is as fiery as the brilliant gems that adorn it. A true masterpiece, this bag is an exceptional piece of art and fashion. Click photo for more info.

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Published: December 1st, 2018
Updated: December 1st, 2018

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