10 Fringe Bags You Need To Look At This Fall

We love a little va-va-voom in our wardrobe, and fringe seems to be the perfect secret weapon to help us achieve that this fall. The fashion world has been on-and-off infatuated with fringe, and the trend is making a big resurgence this season too. We’ve seen the textured tassels on everything from apparel to shoes, and of course, HANDBAGS!

Playing with fringe adds a fun dose of movement to any outfit and can be done in the most subtle or extravagant way possible. Check out the eye candy below for a little fringe inspiration. Bop along – fringe & fray out your look!

1. Just A Little

Saint Laurent Monogram Small Suede Fringe Shoulder Bag – $2,150

So, you’re just starting out with fringe but still want to make a statement? This suede Saint Laurent bag features just the right amount of fringe trim to call attention to itself without being totally overwhelming. The suede adds a luxurious feel for those afraid of the rustic, boho, or edgy look fringe can often give off.

2. Clean Cut

Burberry Tiered Suede Fringe Bucket Bag – $2,795

The fringe on the Burberry bucket bag is unique in the since that it is uniform, thicker, and more compressed. The bag features vertical tiers of evenly cut fringe. However, it still has a look of liveliness even without chaotic, free-form tassels.

3. Cute and Chic

Chloe Drew Small Suede Fringe Bag – $2,230

We’ve seen that the Chloe Drew bag may be an upcoming it-bag this season. The added fringe layers on the Drew bag is a new take on chic. The mix of neutral colors also splits up the look of the bag for a little more fun.

4. Go Big or Go Home

Valentino C-Rockee Small Shoulder Bag – $1,875

So, you’re ready to be FEARLESS with the fringe you say? The Valentino C-Rockee bag features a ton of fringe all around the bag, and even the long over-the-shoulder strap. From first glance, you may have mistaken it for a furry creature, but it’s truly just an expressive bag with A LOT of funky fringe.

5. Rockin' Out

Saint Laurent Emmanuel Small Star-Studded Fringe Bucket Bag – $1,990

If fringe isn’t enough adornment for you, this Saint Laurent bucket bag has embellishments ON the fringe. The studs and leather fringe make the Bucket bag an edgier piece to pull off in the fall.

6. Barely There

Lanvin Medium Fringe Tote Bag – $1,450

So, you a want a little piece of the fringe fad without making a huge commitment? The Lanvin Tote is an everyday basic tote with strategically placed fringe tassels on the straps. Subtle, but still a special touch!

7. Some Sass

Christian Louboutin Lucky Fringe Leather Hobo Bag – $1,995

Christian Louboutin’s Hobo bag embraces all the sass of fringe while still sticking to a chic silhouette. The fringe gives an otherwise minimalistic bag a great deal of depth and dimension. The Lucky fringe hobo bag also comes in a spiked, studded version with even more boldness. CL even fringed out the Sweet Charity mini with long fringe for a dramatic night out look!

8. Boho Feel

Ralph Lauren Ricky Suede Fringe Drawstring Bucket Bag – $2,950

The suede and earthy beige color of the Ricky bucket bag combined with the fringe gives the bag a boho feel. This bag would easily fit into casual, fall looks and mix well with a variety of textures and materials.

9. Fashion Flair

Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch – $1,425

This PS1 is adorned with enough fringe trim to accent the bag while still staying true to its aesthetic. The fringe on this bag is just a little playful add on to help you change up your look.

10. Long & Lovely

Stella McCartney Baby Bella Shaggy Deer Mini-Tote – $1,865

GET ALL FRINGED OUT! Long pieces of fringe drape the entire bag, which makes it bold, but unifies the bag enough so that it isn’t overwhelming.

Can you get into the fringe fun?? Share your thoughts on the trend and your own fringe pieces in the threads on BopTalk. Go – on share… I know we have a few die hard fringe fans!

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Published: August 11th, 2015
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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