7 Fabulous Chanel Bags We Spotted on ‘Emily in Paris’

Netflix’s latest answer to Sex and the City – the comedy-drama Emily in Paris, certainly has fashion lovers talking.

Lily Collins stars as Emily, a social media marketing executive, who ends up with the opportunity to work in Paris. The twist? She doesn’t speak French! This charming Netflix series is filled with amazing fashion, hilarious moments, and some steamy chemistry between Emily and her neighbor.

We at Pursebop have been living vicariously, through Emily…in Paris! With memories of balmy summers in Europe,  in particular Paris, watching young and vivacious Emily navigate and thrive in her new life has been nothing short of mesmerising. Her charm and effervescent personality, teamed with a fashion game that is right on point are an escape of sorts for many of us.

With Sex and The City’s costume designer Patricia Field consulting the show’s fashion department, it’s no surprise that this series’ handbag game has us in awe. Like us, Emily seems to be a fan of Chanel. So while we ride out the imminent winter and wait patiently for the chance to travel once again next summer (Paris, here we come!), we present the seven best Chanel bags which Emily sports in this magical city.

1. The Limited Edition Pearl Bag

Seen In: Episode 2 “Masculin Féminin”

Featuring an exterior shaped like a giant pearl, this bag has some of the classic Chanel codes including a CC clasp and a chain interwoven with leather. Emily styles the bag with a white feathered crop top and is seen wearing it right during a scene when she’s having a difficult conversation with her long distance boyfriend. We also spotted her carrying a Chanel shopping bag in her hand in this scene and are curious about her purchase! Did Emily just buy another stunning bag?

Emily Chanel Bags

Photo Credit: @lilycollinswears

Chanel Giant Pearl Bag

Photo Credit: @katherinesaje

2. The Malachite Green 'Round as Earth' Bag

Seen In: Episode 2 “Masculin Féminin”

We spotted Emily strut into the office with this cute round bag casually draped crossbody style. The bag features a long and a short chain, allowing you to carry it in your hand, on your shoulder or crossbody. The longer chain is reinforced with a leather patch for shoulder comfort.

Emily in Paris Bags

Photo Credit: @ emilyinparis.closet

3. The 'Evening by the Sea' Clutch

Seen in:  Episode 3 “Sexy or Sexist”

Emily styles her powder blue Evening by the Sea Clutch with a floral blue dress and a lilac leather jacket! The clutch takes inspiration from its name with gold hardware in the shape of a lifesaver at the front of the bag. A gold ball is attached with a gold chain through this lifesaver shaped hardware.

Emily in Paris Bag

Photo Credit: @ emilyinparis.closet

Lily Collins Chanel Bag

Photo Credit: @chaline via pinterest.com

4. The Chic Pearls Flap Bag

Seen in: Episode 3 “Sexy or Sexist”

The Chic Pearls Flap Bag looks a lot like the Classic Flap Bag but with a couple of differences. First, there is a row of pearls on top of the bag that also acts as a handle. The pearls give the bag a classy look, and the single row adds an understated elegance to the bag. Moreover, the fact that you can hold the bag with the pearl handle or the strap also makes it more versatile than the Classic Flap bag. Second, this handbag has the vintage CC clasp rather than the smooth CC clasp.
Emily wears the bag with a black and white checked coat and a bright red beret.

Emily Chanel Pearl Flap Bag

Photo Credit: @emilyinparis.closet

Emily in Paris Handbags

Photo Credit: @passarelando.com

5. The Calfskin Flap Bag with Coin Purse

Seen in: Episode 4 “A kiss is just a kiss”

The Calfskin Flap Bag with coin purse is a beautiful and versatile bag crafted with the traditional Chanel quilting. The coin purse is detachable and can be used on its own or with any of your other Chanel bags if you so choose.
The bag appears in Episode 4 when Emily is out buying roses. We love the way she styled the bag with a bright pink overcoat!

Emily's Chanel Collection

Photo Credit: @fashionofemilyinparis

Chanel cross body with coinpurse in emily in paris

Photo Credit: @testingoco via pinterest.com

6. The Tweed Crossbody Bag

See In: Episode 4 “A kiss is just a kiss”

Emily is spotted with this stunning bag in Episode 4 when she is out for dinner with her colleagues. The bag features a checked pink tweed exterior with gold hardware.
Emily styles it fashionably with a red cropped top and skirt set along with a red velvet coat.

Emily in Paris Chanel Bags

Photo Credit: @emilyinparis.closet

7. The Chanel 19 Mini Flap Bag in Pink

Seen in: Episode 5 “Faux Amis”

The trendy Chanel 19 bag just had to make this list. Wearing a short lilac coat and boots, Emily adds a perfect pop of color to her ensemble with this pink Chanel 19 mini bag.

Emily in Paris wardrobe

Photo Credit: @cosmopolitan via pinterest.com

Which of these bags is a head-turner for you? Did you spot any other bag you loved on this show? Share with us via comments below or our social media handles.

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Published: November 1st, 2020
Updated: December 21st, 2022

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