A Visit to the Spa – Hermès Style

by Maura Carlin, PurseBop Editor

It’s been quite awhile (actually since well before the beginning of the pandemic) since anyone in my family went to a spa. Well… except for one. This very special and lucky member checked in looking for a refresh and came out fully rejuvenated and almost new.

Of course, I’m speaking of my very first Hermès quota bag – a Kelly 35 Retourne in Colvert Blue Togo leather. Perhaps it was an odd choice… neither a Birkin nor a petite size, in neither a classic neutral nor a pop color. And truthfully, not having had much of a history with Hermès at the time, getting this bag was a coup in itself. My ‘big’ purchase was a wool two-sided black/blue cape with leather trim, which remains a favorite even now. Put differently, I bought what I loved and intended to use.

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As for the bag, this slouchy large-ish style is a workhorse, if you have a lot to carry. And I usually do. Beyond the usual phone, wallet, keys, charger, mask, sunglasses, and sanitizer – already a full load – often I carry paper and notes for interviews, ipad, book, and more. With the shoulder strap, I roam hands-free… even in Costco, where this bag is a regular lol.


For someone whose go-to shades are black, white, gray, and navy, Colvert is actually colorful. This muted green-blue (or blue-green) is earthy and grounded, and coordinates with just about everything. Observers comment more on the color than the brand.

However, approaching its 6th birthday, this Kelly showed signs of use. Whether rain, snow or dark of night, it delivered style and practicality without being babied. My Sales Associate and I decided that spring/summer of 2021 was a good time for a spa visit. The estimated six weeks extended to about six months – not surprising given the pandemic – but the cost was lower than expected (under $350).

Unfortunately, I neglected to take any pre-spa pictures. To be fair, I’m known for my words, not my photos (sorry PurseBop). Nevertheless, here’s the end result… ready for a new season of schlepping. 


Overall, I am happy with the results. Have you taken a bag to the spa? Was it worth it?

Love, PurseBop

Published: January 2nd, 2022
Updated: January 2nd, 2022