Becky Rosa: Creator of the Most Delicious Birkin

Becky is a British multi disciplinary contemporary artist based in Miami, Florida. She creates works through an array of mediums, but is perhaps best known for her ‘Birkream’ artwork- merging the iconic ‘Birkin’ with ice cream. Rosa exhibits and sits in both young and important collections worldwide.

All of Becky Rosa’s artwork can be discovered and is available for purchase at her website

How and When Did You First Become Interested in Creating Art?

Art, fashion and design have always been a part of my life. As a child, my mother was very into decor and fashion, our house was very wacky. My earliest memories are of fruit murano chandeliers, Dali lamps and custom dyed carpets in shades of turquoise and pink. My mother had an entire room dedicated to Alice in Wonderland- with custom wooden heart-shaped chairs and hand-painted cards and teacups under a glass topped dining table, Jane Churchill couches, Roman blinds and a hand-dyed peach carpet. As kitsch as it sounds, it was juxtaposed with ultra sleek Alessi objects and Porsche kitchen appliances. It’s safe to say that it isn’t just art to me, it’s a lifestyle, a way of being and living.

How Did Growing Up in London and Later Miami Influence You?

Growing up in London was incredible. Taking the night bus to see friends put up their street art, having the rush of such a vibrant and progressive, yet historically rich city made me who I am today. From endless food options to high level fashion- a perfectly crisp Peking duck and pancakes, to a cockney ‘pie & mash;’ people-watching in bustling Camden to hand-picking miniature chocolates in Harrods’ food hall and wandering upstairs to peruse the latest trends (Sanrio section as a child!). Miami has been the icing on that cake- it’s a sensual, luxurious and exotic city filled with passion, thrill and excitement at every corner.

Tell Us About How You Entered the Art World and the First Artwork You Created?

It was 2014. I had created my viral clothing brand in 2013, BRCSC, which I had started and self-funded alone- my top creation being ‘Habibi Dubai’ that I sold globally. But I craved more artistically, I wanted things to come to life! I began conservatively saving profits to create my first work and venture into art. My entrance into the art world was in 2015, with my first artwork entitled ‘Birkream’. An almost six foot fiberglass Birkin pouring over a giant ice cream cone, finished in a high gloss pink- Pantone 225C to be specific.

Tell Us About Your Creative Process- How Long Does it Take to Make a Piece?

Ideas will come to me at any place, any time. I generally jot things down on my phone. They are later incubated and developed into careful sketches and computerized renderings with no telling when they will be brought to life. Whilst my concepts seem methodically constructed, they are more so an amalgamation of my daily life. I am invested in my process every step of the way.

The creation process varies, for example my Petite Birkreams take me around 7 to 14 days of priming and sanding. Each paint coat requires one to two days of curing time. Once complete, I meticulously apply the hardware using metallic enamels.

My larger artworks are comprised of fiberglass. These works are made in multiple spaces across the span of 4-6 weeks, but ultimately they end up in a paint booth. There, they are finished in Pantone-coded automotive paints (think a car paint job), bringing my signature ‘glossy finish’ to life.

How Has Social Media Shaped Your Art and Brand?

BC (Before Covid), social media sales took a backseat to traditional sales through my galleries, but after Covid emerged and galleries were closed in March 2020, I saw a huge location shift in sales. Thus, I began creating smaller art works to create accessibility to my clientele and, in return, I amassed a new following. Now, as the world opens up, I think social media has become a fantastic tool alongside traditional sales and viewing methods.

You Reference Hermès Throughout Some of Your Work, do you Carry Hermès bags Yourself? If so, what is Your Favorite?

I do. I own a B40 in black Togo with palladium hardware for travel and work, and a B35 in Parchemin Swift with palladium hardware. I have my eyes set on a B25 or B30 in black swift with gold hardware next! Swift is my favorite leather followed by Epsom, Tadelakt and Box. I also have a collection of other Hermès pieces and love frequenting the stores in different cities. When I was in Manila for my art show in November 2019, I specifically asked to be taken to the Hermès store, they had a captivating window display of mythological sea animals and a pearlescent moon. It is my dream to be invited by Hermès to translate the Birkream into a leather charm, as well as assist with the artistic direction for their magical window displays, I am fan of the late, great Leïla Menchari.

Give us some Insight into your Personal Handbag Collection...

I have been collecting handbags since I was young. Throughout my life, I have gravitated towards bold, bright handbags over practical bags. I do not purchase handbags for investment, but because it is fun and I love it. I buy bags that I know will make me feel happy when I look at them, and, one day, give to my future children. A lot of my purchases are nostalgia-driven, I love the history of a bag, just as much as the craftsmanship. My everyday bag is usually a Balenciaga City – as it has been for a decade.

Some favorites in my collection would be my Christian Louboutin Crystal Strass Maykimay, a Fendi velvet squirrel-embroidered maroon Spy bag, a red Chanel LEGO Brick Clutch, a Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse neon pink Speedy, a Chanel 21S iridescent pink 18 flap, a Vintage Celine mini crystal Boogie, a vintage YSL by Tom Ford Mombasa hobo bag, a Louis Vuitton Jeff Koons turquoise Da Vinci neverfull and my Birkins (of course).

On my wishlist is a 2019 Bottega Veneta intecciato Maxi Cabat in slime green, a vintage limited edition Fendi ‘Vanity’ clutch and a vintage Gucci dragon-embellished Monogram bag, also Tom Ford era- this bag I have been obsessed with since I saw it in my childhood friend’s, older sister’s bedroom (2004). She had the matching gold dragon horsebit shoes, and it’s been on my mind ever since.

What should we Expect from you in 2022?

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