Anyone heard of SO for Hermes Constance before ?


Hi ladies & Gentlemen!
I am wondering about SO Constance. I couldn’t find any pictures of SO Constance as reference, so has anyone ever heard about it Or had it done before ?

We all know Constance bags are not cheap either. They cost about the same as B or K.

It is perhaps easier to decide on SO for B or K. But how about Constance ?
Anyone got any idea ? I’m allowed 2 colors and choice of leathers but only the usual GHW or silver. Is it worth making this SO?

If chosen badly, it can go horribly wrong. ?

Any suggestions or pictures to share of SO Constance bag?

Thank you very much!

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I received mine recently and just wrote an article about it here on Pursebop:

The Lucky Hermes Constance

You can also see more pics on my IG:

Rose Gold Hardware is also an option for the Constance SO.

So far I have seen 3 other Constance special orders, aside from mine.

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