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I have bought two Birkins now and after every purchase, I wanted to sell them after using them once or twice. I sold the first and got another one in the color that I like thinking that maybe the color was why I wasn’t into the first one. I am definitely a handbag lover and it was a dream to own the Mother of all handbags but now after my second purchase, I know I’m just really not into it.

I think it’s because I like bags with straps. I have a toddler and I need both hands free. I also am just more fond of smaller bags and those usually come with straps. I also don’t put a lot of stuff in my purses. I usually just carry a card case, lipgloss, key fob, and my phone.

I have never purchased a Kelly before and I’m curious how they compare. Can anybody help? Is the Kelly open easily? Weight wise, are they usually lighter (I know it also depends on the leather, size, etc.)?

Thanks so much!

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I don’t know what size your Birkins were, but assuming they were 25s, the Kelly 25 Sellier is definitely less roomy than they are. Same length at the base (25 cm), but the Birkin is 20 x 13 cm while the Kelly is 19 x 9.
If you carry them closed, it takes about the same amount of time to open them. What will make a small difference is the kind of leather and how soft it is. I think my ostrich Birkin 30 is slightly harder to open than my Epsom Kelly 25 than my Swift Birkin 25. Leathers soften with use, so I imagine this gap will narrow over time. The Birkin can be carried open (although I close it anywhere you can get pickpocketed), while the Kelly l doesn’t look pretty unless you close it.
I love them both, but I find the the Kelly’s strap a bigger advantage than being able to wear the Birkin open. Plus, if you want to make the Kelly handheld only like the Birkin, you just remove the straps!
I doubt you’ll regret getting a Kelly 25. If you want a Kelly along the lines of the Birkin, get the Retourne; if you want a dressier one, get the Sellier.
Enjoy it!

Here’s Pursebop’s extensive comparison of the two of them:

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