BREAKING NEWS: Speculation Swirling Around Louis Vuitton Possibly Discontinuing On The Go MM & Vanity PM Canvas Models


Louis Vuitton is back at it again. The brand has returned to tip of the tongues of everyone in the luxury community. What’s the tea this time? Keeping in theme with recent rumblings that the brand is focusing more on leather goods, unconfirmed sources have shared with us that the On The Go MM and Vanity PM models (specifically in canvas) are rumoured to be discontinued.

Though nothing is confirmed, the brand’s UK website is the source of all this speculation. For those members of our community located in the United Kingdom, one can see that upon searching for either of these products, no results come up. A bit strange, no? As even if the item was out of stock, surely a disclaimer indicating the same would be found on the item’s page.

Louis Vuitton has not confirmed the fate of either the On The Go MM nor the Vanity PM, but what is leading the luxury community to jump straight to the idea that these items might get discontinued are recent events regarding the brand’s canvas products. Last month, it was reported that the all three sizes of the extremely popular toiletry pouch in classic monogram canvas would be discontinued. No one could understand why a product that had performed so well, sold in countless amounts and is beloved by all, would so suddenly receive the cold shoulder from Vuitton. Unlike other items in the online store which are labelled as out of stock, the toiletry pouch is (still) nowhere to be found.

By connecting the dots, people are noticing similarities between the toiletry pouch’s sudden axe and the disappearance of the On The Go and Vanity PM from the UK website. The latter two are, in fact, still available online- but in empreinte leather only. As has been shared by various sources (official, unofficial and internal), Louis Vuitton is making the push for their leather goods now more than ever, and is rumoured to be phasing out various canvas bags. As can be reasonably deduced, a website removal can’t be good news for any item.

What continues to perplex Louis Vuitton lovers everywhere is how some of the brand’s most beloved and popular items can so swiftly be done with. The On The Go and Vanity styles were only recently introduced, but quickly became fan favourites.

More to come as this story develops…

Editors note:
Update Aug 11th, 2021, also read: 
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What do you think about this? Have you heard anything about the Vanity PM and On The Go MM? Have you gotten a chance to check out the UK Vuitton website? To the UK members of our community, what are your thoughts on the removal of these products from the region’s website?

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Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

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I think what needs to be discontinued is LV’s upper management and creative teams. What kind of business discontinues their most popular products? While the leather items at LV are nice, people shop there for the canvas.

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