Chanel Opening New Hamptons Boutique but You’ll Have to Be Quick to Pay a Visit


Luxury brand Chanel will be opening the doors to its East Hamptons boutique for the first time tomorrow. For all you Coco lovers out there, this is surely some exciting new, but it comes with a twist. The store is set to last only until Labor Day weekend, at which point it’s au-revoir, à bientôt.

A recent WWD article gives us a behind the scenes look at the highly anticipated opening. Luckily enough, this isn’t your average popup store with only small trinkets and knick-knacks up for grabs. The location will be home to everything from handbags to SLG, accessories to fine jewelry watches and more- all from the house’s latest Coco Beach and Métiers d’Arts 2022-2023 collections. Perfect for taking you from the sand and sun to glitz and glam in a jiffy.

The location gives off quintessential Hamptons vibes- laid back, chic, white party-esque elegance. To top if all off, this Chanel boutique will surely be the hottest ticket in town for evening cocktail parties and nighttime entertainment courtesy of the gorgeous garden out front. The store itself is divided into sections. The first floor is a treasure trove of ready-to-wear, accessories, watches, fine jewelry, glasses and shoes. The second floor, in the meantime, is reserved for “private appointments” and let’s just say, it’s a tweed-lovers dream.

The Chanel Hamptons store is the fifth ephemeral boutique opened in the US over the past 10 years. However, it is the first and only in the Hamptons and the only operational location this year. Joyce Green, General Manager of Fashion at Chanel highlighted her excitement at the prospect of a Hamptons location in a recent interview. “We have been looking at a place to do something in the Hamptons, and we’re thrilled with this location and really bringing the collection to life [here],” she says. “We like to go where we know where our client is, and we like to be there in an unexpected way. The population in the Hamptons has grown and this is a way for us to bring a unique expression of Chanel to our clients that are there.”

As has been stated numerous times before by heavyweights behind the business of Chanel, the intent of this new location is to continue offering clients unique and superior shopping experiences that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Again, one of the main reasons Chanel doesn’t really sell its products online is because this experience they so pride themselves on is seldom achievable behind the screen of a computer. They’ve got a point. Something about shopping in PJs with a laptop just doesn’t have quite the same effect as walking into a glamorous new Chanel boutique- looking good, feeling good, and ready to get something really good.

“What we hope the most is that clients discover a unique way of experiencing Chanel in this environment and have a wonderful experience,” says Green, “that’s really our most important objective for this ephemeral boutique [as] we continue to see very strong demand across our U.S. locations.”

With our love for Chanel ever increasing, another place to allow us to profess that love (by way of scoring highly coveted luxury handbags, shoes and more) will surely be met with nothing but positivity. For those of our readers that hold the Hamptons near and dear to their hearts, will you be paying a visit to Miss C’s summer house? What are your thoughts on the choice of location? Are you excited to see both Chanel’s Coco Beach and Métiers d’Arts collections being features side by side?

Let us know your thoughts. For the full WWD article. All photos courtesy WWD, Sam Frost.

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