Everything You Need to Know About the Chanel 22 Bag

It’s time. It’s time we talk about THAT bag- you know the one. The one that’s been making the rounds on the internet, the one that’s been the subject of heated discussion on social media. The recipient of praise and applause by some and by others… let’s just say, not so much. We’re talking about Chanel’s newest addition to its handbag family- the Chanel 22 bag.

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Might we be looking at the brand’s newest “IT” bag? Or perhaps it’s a “here-this-season-gone-the-next” sort of situation. Regardless of what people have to say about the bag, one thing’s for certain- it has been the talk of the town since we first laid eyes on it. So now, we simply must dive further into the Chanel’s newest addition. Miss 22, step into the spotlight, darling, and let’s take a look…

Catching a Glimpse

The first time many of us saw the Chanel 22 bag was on the luxury house’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway. Part of several casual and beachwear ensembles, the large tote/drawstring bag/throw-and-go catchall set the luxe community ablaze with chatter. It was not your typical variation on the Classic Flap or a seasonal play on a Chanel vanity case.

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Rather than the house’s classic handbags, with clean lines and air of ladylike chic, the bag gives off more of a Boho-chic meets California-casual with a touch of Chanel magic. We had yet to learn the name of the newest object of our curiosity, but shortly after its initial reveal, we came to know it as the Chanel 22 Bag… and that’s when the excitement really revved up.

“A genuine ally for daily life that closes with a magnetic button and purse-like drawstrings, featuring an inside zipped pocket and a removable pouch.”


And Now, Introducing for the First Time…

Recently making its official debut, the Chanel 22 bag is named after the year it was created- 2022. This is similar to the Chanel 19 bag, which was also named after the year it was conceptualized by the house of Coco- 2019. The campaign launching Chanel’s newest additions features the likes of young Hollywood royalty Lily-Rose Depp, Whitney Peak and Margaret Qualley.

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Taking you from the bustling streets of New York City, to the city of stars Los Angeles, to the rustic outback of Montana, renowned fashion photographers and dynamic duo, Inez and Vioodh, released three short films following the house’s muses to demonstrate the versatility of the 22, and the ability to take it from day to night, work to play, glam to caszh.

“I feel like I could bring this bag anywhere! To work, to stroll around alone, to sit and read in the park, on a date, even to the beach!”

-Lily-Rose Depp

Delightful Details

Now that we’ve seen the 22, as well as Chanel’s vision behind the bag, let’s examine some of its finer details, in addition to things like available sizes, colors and, of course, price. At first glance, one might be quick to question exactly what details we’re referring to. Understandably so, the bag is quite simple in structure and appearance. However, with it comes its own take on classic Chanel touches.

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First and foremost, the large quilting pattern is practically synonymous with the brand and features prominently on the 22. In supple, shiny calfskin leather, the Chanel 22 is a nod to classic Chanel design with its own take on modern, luxury street style. Another style staple is the interwoven chain that adorns the bag, allowing for it to be carried over the shoulder, crossbodied and even as a backpack (as shown by Margaret Qualley in an oh-so effortlessly cool way).

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“The Chanel 22 Bag is the perfect example of [the house’s] natural ability to create pieces to empower women. This is a bag that accommodates a woman’s every need.”

-Margaret Qualley

What captures the eye as well are the hardware features prominently showcased on the Chanel 22. For one, you have CHANEL in big, bold, gold letters sprawled right across the front of the bag. If anyone had any doubt as to what this detectibly delightful piece you are carrying is- this should definitely remind them. In a nod to vintage Chanel, each 22 bag also features a coin charm attached to the delicately interwoven chain strap. Chanel Paris proudly inscribed alongside the house’s iconic CC logo. A cute addition to a bag that’s equal parts classic and modern.

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Currently, the Chanel 22 is available in a variety of different colors. Up for grabs in classic black, white, navy blue, taffy purple and two shades of pink- bright coral and cotton candy blush. Each shade vividly shines thanks to the semi-glossy finish of the bag’s calfskin leather. One might already begin to wonder if the 22 will be reintroduced each season in different colors, both limited edition and classic. Perhaps even made in different materials not limited to the leather family? The thought of it is certainly exciting, but we’ll just have to wait and see how the 22 bag does in order to have an idea of what Chanel will do going forward.

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Size is everything… or is it? In a world dominated by mini bags, you’d think that smaller was better. According to Chanel, though, that might not be the case. The Chanel 22 comes in three sizes- the small, the regular and the large. To be specific, here are the measurements for each size:

Small- 14” x 15”

Regular- 16” x 17”

Large- 19” x 18”

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“This might be my favorite Chanel bag so far. I’m a huge fan of functional pieces and tend to travel with my life in a bag.”

-Whitney Peak

Now, we know what you’re all wondering- how much does the Chanel 22 cost? Well, in not so many words, it’s not necessarily the ideal entry-level Chanel bag. In fact, it comes with a considerably hefty price tag. The smallest size currently retails for $5,100 USD, the inbetween size for $5,300 and the large for $5,800. As we’ve all come to know, Chanel prices increases rarely spare its most popular pieces, and so we wouldn’t be surprised if the Chanel 22’s pricetag fluctuated between now and later on in the year.

Is it Here Today, Trend Tomorrow? Or Welcome to the Family Miss 22…

The Chanel 22 bag has already garnered a wide host of opinions from the likes of everyone from diehard lovers of the brand, to social media influencers to the broader luxury community. Some feel that, because of its namesake, it just might become part of Chanel’s permanent collection like its sister the Chanel 19. Others, however, simply aren’t buying it- both literally and figuratively. A thought to ponder is, indeed, the style’s staying power- will it have the ability to ride out fads and trends in the luxury handbag world? Or is it simply a summertime romance we can’t help but be enamoured with.

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  “The quilted leather, the interlaced chain and a Chanel Paris medallion with openwork double C make it a true object of desire.”


Completely opposite to the put-together, sophisticated and elegant Classic Flap, Reissue and Coco Handle, the Chanel 22 bag offers a different option to younger, trendier clients. As the luxury industry is more and more affected by the likes of the GenZ demographic, might this be Chanel’s way of luring in those who aren’t traditionally drawn to Chanel’s storied history and classic brand image or haute luxe?

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Published: May 10th, 2022
Updated: May 10th, 2022

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