Woman Follows Her Handbag Into The X-Ray Machine


How far would you go to keep your handbag safe? Some carry bag raincoats. Others always have a dust bag as protection. You can put the bag under your coat. Use a chair to hold the purse instead of the floor. BBC reports one woman in China took it more than a step further. She followed her bag through a train station x-ray security scanner.

A video has gone viral in China showing a female silhouette crouching on all fours (wearing high heels) on a conveyor belt through the x-ray machine with her handbag. While other passengers waited to retrieve their belongings at the other end of the scanner tube, she took a ride right through, startling travelers as she climbed out, grabbed her bags and left.

Although unclear, it is suspected this woman may have been concerned about money in her purse and how it could be stolen during inspection. Like many traveling home for the Chinese New Year, she may have had large sums of cash. Video shows the woman placing her suitcase on the conveyor belt and trying to walk through the security scanner with her purse. She was stopped and told the purse had to go through the x-ray machine. She refused and just joined her bag for the voyage through the scanner. Rail staff in Dongguan have since advised passengers that entering X ray machines and exposing themselves to radiation is hazardous to their health.

This left us wondering: how far would you go to keep your handbag safe?
(and we can’t help but wonder the brand of her bag…)

photo courtesy BBC