Classic Blue Named Pantone Color of 2020


Forget about the 50 shades of gray, Pantone has selected “Classic Blue” as it’s color for 2020. According to the color company, Pantone 19-4052 specifically is the one: Elegant in simplicity, thought-provoking, reminiscent of the dusk sky, dependable and stable foundation, are just a few of the descriptions proffered by Pantone.

So it got us thinking . . . Which Hermès blue is most like “classic blue”? Is it one of the actual classics like Blue Nuit, Navy, Bleu de Malte, Bleu de Prusse, or Indigo? Or newer tones like Bleu Encre or Brighton Blue?

What say all of the Blue Hermès lovers in the PurseBop community? Let us hear from you – What’s Hermès classic blue? And what’s your favorite?

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I think it’s the new fall 2019 Hermès color called Deep Blue. Read more at
Photo courtesy @sherrychg

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