Confession Time: What's the craziest bag purchase you have ever made?


In light of the breaking news that comes to us from Hong Kong where an Hermes Croc Birkin sold for nearly a quarter million dollars, I though we might confess our crazy indulgences…

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As of now, constance in blue mykonos croc has been my crazy purchase! Haha…till croc b will call my name! Here it is

  • BoyWithTheBag
    That is the most stunning croc I’ve seen????
  • chloet18
    this is my dream bag, absolute love
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Most definitely the Himalayan Croc Birkin – no diamonds. At the time, it had been the bag with the craziest price. ?

  • Pursebop
    WOWZA! We want to see pictures beautiful :)
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in my case that day is yet to come hahahaha right now, if I go crazy and purchase THE bag (and by The bag I mean, the Boy bag), I won´t live to use it, future hubby or mom would kill me LOL! but I´m looking forward to seeing the wonderful bags being shared here 🙂

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HERMÈS Rose Pourpre Calfskin birkin 25 via Ann's Fabulous Finds

HERMES Ostrich Kelly Sellier Mini 20 Violine via Fashionphile

Hermes Kelly 20 Sellier Mini Kelly II Etoupe Epsom Leather via Greenwich Luxury Auction


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