Help me report this weirdo on IG


This is SUPER creepy!
This person had followed me a while ago, then unfollowed me.
Now she is following me with the same name as my screen name. The only difference is a “.”
I believe I have a stalking case.? This made me very uneasy and uncomfortable.

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I am so sorry to hear that. Did you reported it?

  • ChampagneOclock

    I did! This person used to go by “megan40fabulous” or something but her crass attitude was everything but.
    I just don’t understand why she had to shamelessly copy my screen name. I understand there will be similar screen names on IG and I don’t hold a copyright to mine. But she followed me, liked ALL my pictures and then changed her name? Hmmmm no, sorry. I had everyone I knew report her, so hopefully she will go away and leave me alone. Weirdo.
    Thank you everyone who helped me ????

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So sorry to hear that ? i dont get why people do this ? i will report ofcourse

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