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Someone wise once told me – building an Hermes collection is an exhilarating, but oftentimes frustrating game of time, chance, sufficient funds, and personal taste. SO TRUE!! I am relatively new to collecting Hermes. I was, and still am, an avid shoe collector, although it has significantly waned as my growing love for all things orange has consumed my funds. Over the past several years I have been falling in love with the brand and building relationships with SA’s worldwide. I shop mostly in Europe (taking full advantage of the the exchange rates and VAT returns) and also within Asia and the USA.

On my most recent Hermes shopping trip, I was fortunate enough to be offered a rare gem. A K25 Sellier in Barenia leather! It started out innocently, just wanted to see if anything caught my eye (plus I knew my SA would be there). She helped me with wallets, twillies, and other small leather goods.

All of a sudden she said: “As you know, timing is everything. Come with me to the back, I have a few things to show you.” She knew I had been on the hunt for a Constance 18 and gold B or K to add to the collection, and that I gravitated towards smaller bags as I am only 5′ tall. I’m a neutralista like fellow @kugzz, with black, graphite, and gris tourterelle already in my collection. My pops of color come from twillies and accessories.

I was nearly skipping with excitement to see what she would show me.

We chatted a bit and she said she had a gorgeous K28 she thought I would like. Out came a beautiful K28 retourne in etain with GHW. I had seen many lovely examples on Instagram and followed some of your stories of finding the perfect grey to add to your collection. But I already had a graphite and a few black bags in my collection and turned her down (gasp!).

Then she said, “I have one more to show you. It’s fauve…” and I missed what she said next because I was thinking did she just just say what I thought she said?? I watched unblinking as she unboxed it. And sure enough, out came a perfect, petite K25 in fauve Barenia leather with GHW. She was absolutely stunning and smelled of rich leather.

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with barenia leather, it’s a very soft, high quality leather that is naturally tanned with vegetable dyes and soaked in oils to produce its beautiful color and smooth finish. It is, however, a delicate leather and is prone to blemishes easily, so if you are paranoid about that, then it may not be for you. On the upside, many small scratches can be easily rubbed away and water marks are less noticeable. It will develop a patina over time, as do all natural, unprocessed leathers. You can usually spot it by its contrast white stitching and blind stamp. (If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to update you down the road on how well it ages.)

I then take my leave and give my SA a big hug. Did what happen just happen!?! I have to sit back and pinch myself sometimes. But as they say, timing is everything!

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What a beautiful story! Love Barenia! Many congrats on this amazing bag! She is a true classic ❤️❤️

  • Thank you! I enjoyed reading your “limitless” post too! ????????

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