Hermes Birkin Is Most Searched Handbag Online



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Is this really news? A recent report from Slingo published at  based on Google and Instagram search shows that the Hermes Birkin is the most searched for handbag in the world. From 2020-2023 average monthly searches surged about 19% from about 149,000 to 159,208.

And with the death of its namesake Jane Birkin earlier this month, no doubt the Birkin was the subject of much more internet scrolling. But it’s not surprising. It’s a bag carried and collected by celebrities worldwide (including rapper Drake who is saving a bunch for his future to-be-determined wife). TV and movie plot lines include or revolve around the bag. And for many, the difficulty of obtaining a Birkin simply adds to its allure.


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More surprising, is that the Chanel Classic Flap wasn’t in the top three of Slingo’s popular search list. Number 2 is the popular Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote. Introduced around 2007 and continually updated with new fabrications, this bag works for work, beach, diaper bag, everyday, and everything else. As we have previously reported, Louis Vuitton recently took this bag off of its shelves, making it available by waitlist/pre order only.

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Taking the bronze (third place) in the search list is Gucci’s Marmont bag. It’s been awhile since we have written about this bag, so it is interesting that there is apparently still so much interest in this style.

Tell us, which bags take the the top three spots in your handbag searches.