Hermès In the Making Exhibit Makes a Spectacular Splash


The “Hermès in the Making” exhibit arrived in Chicago, just in time for the re-opening [a “metamorphosis” as Hermès terms it] of the Oak Street boutique. Double your pleasure – and make it an Hermès day – explore the new boutique and learn about Hermès.

“Hermès in the Making” is a captivating and traveling public exhibition that celebrates Hermès and the craftsmanship behind its products. To date, its tour has included cities like Troy, Michigan, Turin, Italy and Kyoto, Japan.

Now it’s Chicago’s turn. The exhibition runs from October 27 to November 1, 2023. For visitors, it offers an amazing opportunity to delve into the world of Hermès, gain a deeper appreciation of the Hermès artistry and, shall we say, magic.

The heart of the “Hermès in the Making” exhibit lies in its presentation of the artisans. These skilled craftsmen and craftswomen represent the essence of Hermès, as they meticulously handcraft the brand’s iconic products, including leather goods, silk scarves, and high-end fashion. Visitors have the privilege of witnessing these talented artisans at work, gaining insight into the intricate and time-honored techniques that have been passed down through generations.

What To See

Among the attractions at the “Hermès in the Making” exhibit are the following:

Crafting Workstations: The exhibit features live demonstrations of Hermès artisans meticulously working on their respective crafts, such as leather tooling, silk screen printing, and hand-stitching.

Artistic Displays: The exhibit includes artistic displays and installations that showcase the brand’s history, iconic motifs, and creative vision.

Historical Insights: Dating back to 1837, visitors will see historical artifacts, films, archival materials, and narratives that tell the story of how the brand has evolved over the years.

Interactive Elements: “Hermès in the Making” includes interactive activities, such as creating a screen printing and getting up close and personal with all the leather options.



When To Go

“Hermès in the Making” exhibit is free and open to the public for a limited time in Chicago.

Chicago Union Station
221 South Clinton Street

October 27- November 1 10am-6pm

Original article written: June 13, 2022

In case you were still wondering (or didn’t believe us and Hermès), Hermès truly is targeting the suburbs of major U.S cities for a growing customer base. The latest case in point: the first U.S. stop for its “Hermès In the Making” exhibit is the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan. Hermès first brought the orange brand to this Detroit suburb, opening a store in 2021.

Detroit is known to many as the Motor City for its car-making years and the home of Motown, as well as industrial innovation. Additionally, it’s the site of a growing arts and creativity community, with nearby top universities as well. 

Not surprisingly, then, there exist a number of affluent Detroit suburbs. Beyond Troy, there is Bloomfield Hills, Grosse Pointe, and Ann Arbor (home of the University of Michigan), just to name a few. Hermès describes its Troy boutique as serving the Greater Detroit area, no doubt intending to reach all of the various suburban enclaves with wealth. 


Although the next stop on the “Hermès In the Making” tour is Singapore – it’s already been to Copenhagen, Denmark and Turin, Italy – it will return to the United States later this year. Where you may wonder? Austin, Texas – another small city where Hermès just opened a boutique this year. Recall the frenzy reported, as well as the multitude of available bags.

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As described by Hermès, the Hermès In the Making exhibit allows the public to: “Discover how we craft objects designed to last and be repaired, to be used and passed down through generations.” It brings craftspeople to “demonstrate their expert techniques and exclusive know-how” with workshops, interactive activities, and films. It is open to the public.

Hermès Troy
Somerset Collection
2801 W Big Beaver Rd., Space C-139
Troy, MI 48084

From Friday June 10th to Wednesday June 15th, 2022
10am- 6pm


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Photo courtesy: hermes.com

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