Hermès is Blushing


Beauty lovers… this one’s for you. Following the pre-pandemic success of its ‘Hermès Rouge’ lipstick launch, the “second chapter” of Hermès Beauty is here.

Labeled ‘Hermès Rose’ it is a new line of blushers and accessories. Comprised of eight shades of blush and two blush brushes, the collection also includes three new rosy lip ‘enhancers.’

Regarding the blushes, Hermès claims there’s a shade for everyone. With eight options, it’s a lot of rose – from coral to pink to tan and everything in between and beyond: rose feu, rose abricot, rose blush, rose plume, rose pommette, rose ombre, rose tan, and rose nuit. Warning pink Hermès bag lovers – the blush titles names do not match pink leather colors, lol.

Additionally, ever attuned to the design component, the blush compacts are designed by Pierre Hardy. Consisting of a white round case adorned with a gold emblem, the interior includes an off-center mirror. The blush sits inside… and refills are available. A compact with blush retails for $77.

Hermès offers two brush options: a short travel brush ($51) and a more traditional blush brush ($100).  Both have lacquered handles, gold metal ferrule. The longer brush has handmade goat hair fibers while the travel brush uses synthetic fibers.

If you’re smacking your lips over these, don’t overlook the three new  ‘lip enhancers’ – in rose abricoté, rose d’été, and rose tan. If you’re wondering what a lip enhancer is, this is what Hermès says:

Its weightless and translucent halo reveals the lips’ natural beauty.
With its fine and delicate waxy finish, the rosy lip enhancer melts over the lip, leaving a hint of transparent pink and a matt luminosity.
Lips are delicately smoothed with a soft-focus effect.
Sesame seed and raspberry seed oils help soften and nourish.

It remains to be seen whether either product musses one’s mask.

So, will the home of Birkins and Kellys become your go-to for a beauty fix?


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