Hermès Maintenance Guide 101


Dear fellow Pursebop lovers,

Ever since I have purchased my beautiful and beloved Kelly bag a few months ago, I have been looking for answers to many questions of how to take care of such beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The internet is full of articles but I would love to hear it from the pro’s! What better place to ask for the advice then here on Pursebop!

I want to know it ALL!

– How do you store your precious Hermès bags? Do you always put them back in the orange box or only when you don’t use them for a longer period of time? Do you put them in the dust bag every night?
– Do you keep the twillies on or do you remove them? Do you remove the twillies on really hot days?
– When you do store your bags, do you “strip them down completely”, (meaning: remove the strap and lock/keys and put them in their own protective dustbags or leave everything on them)?
– Do you actually use them on hot days? What about when it rains? Do you just leave them at home or do you use their protective “rain coats”? I have a back epsom Kelly, can she stand a drop or two, or is it a no-go?
– What do you do if you have scratch marks? Do you use any protective products on your bags? (I am guessing “nooooooo….”)
– Have you ever had the leather sweating or that the waxy edges on the leather starts to crack or becomes sticky? (I had the latter with 2 of my Hermès bracelets, so I am super scared of this happening to my bag!)
– … etc …

As some of you read in my previous posts about obtaining my dream bag (full, looooong story: click here),
the SA who helped me when I purchased the bag was really arrogant and didn’t tell me a lot about taking care of my delicate Kelly Sellier.
So I really would love to hear what your tips and tricks are so I can make sure she lasts a lifetime…
I would really appreciate it! :-)

Thank you so much,

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I was browsing on Instagram when I found this company who creates transparant stickers to put on your Hermès bag’s hardware in order to prevent scratches…
Does any of you use these kind of protective stickers?
I have read somewhere online that some Hermès fans do not use them because they fear moisture gets trapped underneath and that oxidation might occur…

video: http://www.orangeshields.com/

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Here are some pictures of one of my biggest fears leatherwise.
This is a close-up of the sticky leather of my CDC-bracelet. It just happened one summer, I have no idea if something got spilled on it while wearing it (don’t think so, honestly) or was it just because it was a bit warmer or is it due to the humidity? It happened to my anemone Kelly bracelet too and I had to hand the bracelet in at the store for 3 months so they could ship it to the SPA. The fee to fix it was very high but the Store Manager said he was not letting me pay for it (as he wanted to be customer friendly…)
I still need to bring this black CDC bracelet in for repair…

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First and foremost, congrats on your Kelly! Secondly storing one’s H bags depends on their use. Infrequently used bags rest in their sleeper bag. Frequently used bags are just left out in the open. I’ve never had nor seen leather sweat before (thank goodness) but sticky leather doesn’t sound good. Neither does cracking – which I suspect is the result of dry leather. Hope this helps and welcome to the H club!

  • Thank you so much for your reply and advice! Yes I am super happy with my Kelly! :)
    But I already noticed she has to be handled with a lot of care. Getting into a Sellier is quite a hassle. I try to be very careful as she still is super stiff. And to protect her inside I have a silk dust bag from another purchase to prevent my wallet and keys scratching the inside. :)
    Now I want to get myself a Kelly Retourne in 32 or a Birkin 25 for every day… ????

    Anyway, I’ll post the pictures of the “sticky” leather on my Kelly bracelet here too!

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Such a brilliant prompt for an article my dear. I promise you will have all your answers very soon :)

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