How long do you think about a bag before you buy it?


Of course there are bags that we have to wait on like the Kelly or birkin, but for more available bags, how long do you go back and forth before you buy (or not buy)? I feel like I’ve wanted some form of a valentino rockstud bag for a few months but haven’t followed through yet (and have bought other bags in the meantime). So how long do you wait before you strike or give up?

I guess my question is, what is your deliberation process like before finally deciding its time to swipe your card?

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I ask myself “do I love it?”, “do I truly need it?” and “will I still love it in a month?” If I answer yes then I get the bag?

I also keep a bag list, this prevents me from going crazy and buying 5 bags at once. I push the more important or limited edition bags to the top of the list.

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