How to care for your Chanel flower boy?


The lamb leather of this flower boy is so delicate, it’s hand painted and I noticed little creases in the leather of the handle. The boutique advised me to spray it or use a conditioner. Any advice my friends?

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Hi Francine, so lovely to see you here 🙂 I just love your IG gallery. U always have such gorgeous and colourful pics, not to mention an amazing bag collection. As for using a cleaner/conditioner, I’ve been using meltonian all purpose cleaner and conditioner for several years. I don’t use often tho and only very small amount each time but so far it works for me and no issues. Have used on both caviar and lamb. Just to be safe, always test on a small and less noticeable area first, before applying to the rest of the bag.

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? Welcome my dear friend ?? I must check mine too. Francine from my experience the U.S. Chanel boutiques do not instruct us to ever spray protective solutions, cleaning lotions etc. Having said that I have cleaned a few bags with Cadillac cleaner. Are you concerned about strap??

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Hi darling pursebop! ? our boutique advised me to use Woly conditioner but I tried it on the bottom and it makes the leather look darker ? so not going to use that ?

  • chloet18
    love the boy obviously, but those pants are fab! deets on them francine?
  • Thanks so much! I got the pants last summer at H&M ?
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