Is That Birkin Real? eBay Launches Authentication Program


READ: Is That Birkin Real? eBay Launches Authentifiication Program just published.

Now let’s discuss…

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty scary to buy an expensive handbag from eBay unless it’s from a reputable seller with history and good reputation. I know I would never.

But let’s imagine for a moment that someone like myself decided to sell a Birkin ( and I have zero transaction history on eBay )… I list one and the eBay Authenticate service was in place, do you feel this additional level of security would help you purchase my Birkin?

I think so, adding this authentication step will definately boost customer confidence. I think it will encourage people to try to consign and purchase on their own with eBay first. What does this mean = it removes the middle man = greater profits for the seller and lower prices for the buyer.

This will have an impact on the reseller companies out there that benefit and charge a handsome premium for the confidence they offer their clients. Is eBay going to cut into the reseller market share? Something to think about.

Please share your thoughts, your eBay vs. reseller company stories.

Photo from Ann’s Fabulous Finds eBay listing, a reputable reseller.

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That is very interesting. I love to buy Vintage Pieces but have never bought any from eBay bc I was scare of fakes! Good to know thanks for the advice. Next time you want to sell one of your beautiful bags let me know! ;)

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