JLo Brings Himalaya Birkin to the Gym


Not really a gym bag by anyone’s standards…. but Jennifer Lopez was photographed heading to a gym in athletic togs toting a stunning Himalaya Birkin. It’s a small one, likely the B25. Obviously, it can’t hold much in the way of workout gear – perhaps headphones. More puzzling, is what does she do while working out? Doubtful that you’d leave that beauty (the bag, that is) in a locker, right?

As you may recall, a B30 Himalaya with diamonds sold in May 2017 at Christies (and the bag was pre-owned) for $308,152. When the buyers premium is included, that number inches to $400K.

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We assume JLo’s bag is sans diamonds. But even so… would you bring that bag to a gym?

Photo courtesy: zoereport.com, credit to VAEM/MIAMIPIXX / BACKGRID