Kylie Jenner Owns the New $76,000 Birkin Birkenstocks!


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Can you guess who is the latest owner of arguably the wackiest (and most expensive) lux fashion item of 2021? Kylie Jenner.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has got her hands on the new and ultra exclusive Birkin Birkenstocks. The shoes, created by Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, are made from real chopped up Hermès Birkin bags.

The reality mega-star showed off a picture of her new Birkin accessories on her Instagram story. Jenner’s pair is black but the shoes are also available in white and burgundy patent croc, and possibly more.

Jenner is not the only celebrity to snap up a pair of these rare sandals. Rapper Future and singer-songwriter Kehlani also own the shoes.

MSCHF previously made waves on the fashion and streetwear scene with their unorthodox products which typically incorporate high-profile brands such as Nike into their projects.

Despite the ultra exclusivity of their products, the art collective is open about their design processes. The group even took to their Instagram account to share a snap of the cuttings they use to make the Birkin Birkenstocks.

We’re not surprised that Jenner is the proud new owner of the Birkin-made shoes. When boasting a Birkin collection as extensive and enviable as hers, it only makes sense that a new Birkin-related pair of shoes would catch the social media personality’s attention.

It is unclear whether Jenner independently purchased the shoes or if they were gifted to her by the collective. She captioned the photo, “Thanks @mschf”. If the sandals were in fact gifted to Jenner, it hints at MSCHF’s desire to expand their reach out to a mainstream audience.

With this in mind, do you think the Birkin Birkenstocks are set to gain a cult following anytime soon?

Photos courtesy of @kyliejenner @mschf