Kylie Jenner's Color-Coded Handbag Closet


We’re just getting over Kylie Jenner’s sterling silver K15 when the youngest Kar-Jenner posts a series of unbelievable pix of her handbag closet. For you super-organized folks, you’ll immediately notice that it appears to be color-coded! We can’t describe this as anything other than purse porn!

The section of pink and reds includes at least six Hermès bags in the rosy hue. And nestled right in front is that sterling silver K15. Hermès and Chanel bags take up two of the three black bag shelves. Counted among them are three Hermès exotics – a Kelly Cut, a mini K and a Birkin.

In another section there’s an entire array of colorful Hermès exotics. Purple, pale gray, yellows and blues.

Take a look and let us know what you think! Which is your favorite?

Photos courtesy: IG@kyliejenner

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