Louis Vuitton Uses its Perfume Laboratories to Make Hand Sanitizer!


Close on the heels of Hermès closing its stores across the US, Read: Hermès Closes All Stores in the USA till Further Notice, comes the news of LVMH pledging to use its cosmetics and perfume production facilities to manufacture 12 tons of hydroalcoholic gels for distribution among public hospitals and the health authorities in France.

France is one of the worst hit countries with 120 deaths to date and the company wants to do its part to help. “LVMH will continue to honour this commitment for as long as necessary, in connection with the French health authorities,” the company said. As reported by Forbes, the first deliveries of the sanitizer are expected to be made early this week, and will continue rolling out by the end of the week.

Interesting, and admirably, by all accounts LVMH’s sanitizer will not be branded. The company is not turning this into a marketing exploit.

While we have been regularly reporting the impact of the Coronavirus on luxury and fashion, we are heartened to see how our beloved luxury brands are responding to this pandemic. It’s one thing to claim to be ethically responsible and sustainable and another thing to actually follow through.

Hermès was one of the first brands to shut down their stores across the US, thereby protecting customers and employees alike. Now LVMH has not just evolved to meet the need of the hour and pitch in to help their nation in the time of need but is also providing an opportunity for factory workers and employees to stay occupied and relevant.

Luxury truly has evolved!

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