Millennials and Handbag Brand Consciousness?


In today’s latest news post, we looked at handbag shopping from the millennial perspective. Let’s turn it into a bigger conversation…Do you think Millennials are more cautious and less brand conscious? Or do they just have less disposable income? Will this change as they age? Discuss in the comments below.

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I think this article was interesting and millenials from my perspective fall into several categories. I think I’m on the front end of millenials (will be 32 in August). It seems that there are millenials who reject the luxury labels on purpose and drive for difference and stand out appeal regardless of price because of the concern that people will judge them. Then I definitely see ones in their early 20s who want that Chanel bag but are lulled into trendy fast fashion options because of media influence like fashion bloggers – it’s affordable for them now instead of being disciplined enough to save for one. These two sections of millenials seem to be possibly hurting the luxury market whereas Gen X etc appreciate luxury quality and the timelessness and aren’t concerned with trends typically. Technology is also a factor probably like some suggest – millenials think this is a better use of money. My personal experience with luxury handbags has been saving for them and also after getting married, educating my hubs on the investment which he’s all about. My peers, especially mom friends I’ve made in the last two years have not much knowledge of luxury even though we live in a really nice area and mostly stay home with the kids. An LV Neverfull is a holy grail purchase and/or Hermes isn’t even on their radar nor do they even know how insane expensive they are comparatively. It’s totally cool, everyone is different but it’s just what I’ve noticed with my generation in regards to luxury. Hence why my IG is anonymous ?

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