New York Considers Going Fur-Free


Attention fur lovers and fur-conscious consumers alike: the fashion mecca of NYC (no qualification needed) is considering banning the sale of fur.

Lawmakers in the city are pushing for this measure, which opponents say could put 1,100 people out of a job, according to CBS. Proponents, of course, argue on the principle that fur products are inhumane. (The sale of used fur would be exempt from the law.) Legislation is being considered on both the city and state-wide levels, but it’s far more likely that it will pass in the city. We could have a verdict in just a few short months.

NYC is not the first city to (potentially) take this stance. San Francisco has already banned fur, which takes effect this year, and LA just passed a ban that will go into effect in 2021. As for the fashion world, London Fashion Week made a big splash this past year by banning fur. (Read: London Fashion Week Goes Fur-Free)

“Everyone is watching this,” said Nancy Daigneault, vice president at the International Fur Federation. “If it starts here with fur, it’s going to go to wool, to leather, to meat.”

What are your thoughts on the fur debate? Let’s discuss below!

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Photo courtesy: AP Photo/Richard Drew