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Hello everyone!

I’ve been following PB for the longest time and felt like I had to register today to ask you bag lovers for your opinion.
(Please bare with me if I made any mistake in this post)

I travelled to Paris from Amsterdam this morning to hopefully bring home my holy grail, the Birkin in a size 40.

Unfortunately they did not have any basic colors in my size. They offered me a B35 in Rouge Granite with GHW, but the color didn’t suit me at ALL – and the size made it look like I was holding my sister her bag while she was shopping around.

I was lucky enough to try a sample model (B40 in Etain with PHW, Togo leather) in store to see how it would look on me.
I came in the store, hoping to score an olive green or navy blue, but I fell in love with Etain the moment he came towards me with the bag. It really was love at first sight!!!!!

What do you guys think of the bag on me?
I’m 177 cm (5’10) tall and in athletic shape.


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Mustafa warm welcome to Boptalk!
That Etain looks magnificent on you. Do you have a chance to visit back to the store in the next few days to see if they can find you a color you like?
Envious, I love Paris. Keep us updated. Smiles :)

  • smoesi

    Thank you so much!
    Yes, I visited the store today and they offered me a B40 in Black with GHW, which is not what I was looking for, so I kindly declined. I didn’t leave the store empty handed.. I scored a B35 in Rose Jaipur GHW right before my sister her birthday and my SA offered me a S.O. *jumps of excitement*

    I went for the Etain on the outside and Malachite (obsessed with Malachite ever since I’ve seen Mel in Melbourne’s B) on the inside with brushed PHW.

  • Pursebop

    Wow! RJ B and a SO! That’s a major score :)
    I’m so pleased that the Hermes team accommodated you with a SO getting you the color you really wanted! Your B sounds like a dream with malachite on the inside. Hearty Congrats! Thank you for sharing your story with us here. We love to read these happy stories. Can’t wait to see your SO once it arrives.
    Happy birthday to your sister.

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