PETA Asks Hermès to Honor Jane Birkin


How to honor Jane Birkin, the namesake of one of our favorite Hermès bags? Well, it depends who you ask. And according to PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – following Birkin’s passing on July 16, 2023, Hermès should stop creating bags in crocodile skin. 

As you may recall, several years ago Jane Birkin herself requested the brand remove her name from the croc fabricated bags after she viewed a video about the cruel treatment of these creatures at a farm in Texas. Ultimately, she reached an agreement with Hermès, through which the brand promised to investigate, saying the video evinced an isolated incident. 

PETA Protests Crocodile Abuse at Hermès Farms with Graphic Displays at Storefronts

Hermès continued to produce Birkins (and Kellys and other bags) in all types of exotic skins, including crocodile. Indeed, Birkins and Kellys in crocodile, and particularly its famed Himalaya niloticus crocodile skin, remain the ultimate in luxury handbags.When financial analysts speak of Hermès bags as an investment, these are first to come to mind.

Available to few and routinely selling on the secondary market for six figures, one cannot imagine Hermès without these creations. 

PETA, however, repeatedly has requested that Hermès discontinue the use of crocodile skin. Internationally it has organized protests and urged the Hermès Board of Directors to cease production using exotics. 


Now, with the death of Birkin, PETA UK has urged Hermès to abandon crocodile skin and other exotic leathers in honor of the late actress/singer. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk writes in a letter to Hermès: 


“Will Hermès continue to hark back to the past, treating these magnificent and highly intelligent exotic animals as nothing more than living, breathing ‘fabric,’ or will you embrace positive change and make a commitment to continue Ms. Birkin’s legacy in a manner that respects the natural world and all who live in it by using the finest cruelty-free materials to create a modern Birkin and other accessories? We hope you will choose the latter.” 

PETA News Release


What are your thoughts? Is eliminating exotic Birkins the way to honor Jane? 


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