PurseBop Storytime: Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened to Your Bag


Here’s your story time prompt:

Tell us a story about a time that your bag got damaged. If you don’t have a shocking, catastrophic story that’s ok too! Even if your bag has been minimally damaged before, tell us what happened and how you took care of it. If you’re one of the lucky few with pristine bags, please do share all your helpful tips!
Helpful details to include:

The worst event that’s happened to your bag
How it happened (was it your fault? Was it out of your control?)
When it happened (how old was your bag? Did you just buy it?)
Your reaction
Were you angry, heartbroken, or relaxed about it?
How much did the bag mean to you?
Did you try to fix the damage? (is there a happy ending?!)

We hope you take the time to share your story because we’re simply dying to hear! Again this is supposed to be fun, so don’t be hesitant about participating!

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This is almost too terrible to post, but no one but Pursebops will understand!

In June, I bought my first Hermès bag-a Birkin 35-in Paris. I lugged it home to the US VIA two stormy days in Iceland, but while the bag was damp, the box and the bag made it back intact.

A few weeks later, I went to have my hair colored and cut. Yes, I took my bag. My hairstylist was eager to hear about my trip and see some of my purchases. (You all know what’s coming, right?) I hung the bag on the customary purse hook and she began…

So, she was coloring and we were chatting and suddenly I saw…a mark on my Birkin. I tried to be chill although I was having a heart attack but she saw me notice it and started to panic herself. She tried to wipe it with the hair color remover but I stopped her– really I couldn’t think but was so concerned the remover would do more harm than good. She apologized and cried and honestly, I couldn’t say anything but “I can’t talk about this right now!,” I was a wreck. (My hair and color was without charge that day but of course there was no way she could financially fix the situation; as well, she’s my friend.)

Well, I went home and sobbed to my husband. But we tend to get our perspective back quickly and have now named my bag “Dita” since it has a beauty mark (It looks like a small pen mark, but naturally it’s on the front!). Do I wish it were pristine? Um, yes. But it’s still beautiful and hardly noticible and as I don’t plan to resell it, I intend to simply enjoy owning and using Dita.

Still, does anyone have any guess as to whether Hermès could remedy this? I live closest to the Chicago store, but I am wary of them…I am thinking to wait until I next go to Paris ( whenever that will be) and ask the experts, but if you have any advice, I’d love to hear!

  • Pursebop

    Oh my 🙈
    My heart sank as I read your story. I admire your ‘attitude’ – Dita is lucky to have such a wonderful owner. I would reach out to the Chicago store. Try calling them first and explain what happened. I know the Chicago store team well and am confident they will advise you. If you want the name of my SA to assist, please email me and I will be happy to give you his name.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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Thankfully I haven’t had major accidents with my babies, except once while taking photos of my blue lambskin Chanel by the pool and the bottom touched the water?. No major damage done. The BiG Disaster happened to my cousin, she just sat down for dinner at a restaurant to order. The waiter handed her a menu and by the time she ordered, she found a huge ink stain on her red Chanel Boy ???. The waiter’s pen was leaking and no one noticed it.. the bag is now in Chanel in London, hopefully they can manage to salvage it.

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My name is Ashley and I am guilty of babying my bags.

I own an all leather Gucci “Jackie” bag and its my first which I still love even to this day. I worked OVERTIME and I did double shifts to earn my Jackie bag, and I always go back to her.

My ex threw my Gucci bag in the SNOW, along with it landing in the nasty snow, my compact blew up in my bag and I went ballistic on him. I grabbed his Louis Vuitton wallet (which I bought him) and I threw it in the snow NEAR the sewer… told him, “You did not like that did you…” and best believe someone was on my “blocked” list within 24 hours. I don’t take kindly to such abuse, especially when the item is 100% soft leather which damages in water/acid.

  • Anita Babcock

    Good for you to throw his wallet. Feel bad for the Louis but he deserved it

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Hi everyone, my name is Anita and I don’t post too much here, I mostly read and view the the bag porn! I work really really hard on protecting my bags so I don’t have too much to deal with but the two worst things off the top of my head were first with my vintage Hermes Kelly bag, a gift from my grandma, one of the last gifts she got me before she died. I had a boyfriend who just does NOT understand anything about fashion or why I love it so much. Well one day, I was cooking and the house was very hot so I asked him to open the door, a while later I walked into the room he was in and saw that he had used my Kelly as a door stop to keep it open. My beautiful bag got a bit of a scratch it from the door but not too bad over all. I freaked out on him and he just rolled his eyes at me. I told him that him using my bag as a door stop would be the same as if I were to take his beloved guitar and (excuse me for being crass with this part) take a crap in the guitar hole and set it on fire.

The second bad incident with a bag, my mom got me a large LV tote as a push present to use for my baby’s dipar bag. It holds a lot and is wonderful but my nephew stepped on it and I panicked. On the outside it was fine and I thought nothing of it until later on I discovered he busted the baby cream into the bag and it does not come out. The cream stain is still there! My heart broke over the problem but I still use the bag.

  • OMFG… Abuse to the kelly bag calls for legit dumping. good riddance.

  • Anita Babcock

    The good news is he and I are over!!! But the bad news is he is the father of my child and now I am spending my purse money on lawyer and court fees. Stupid jerk that he is, loves making life hell!

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