Remember the Most Expensive Bag Ever Sold? Meet the Broker.


In May, PurseBop broke the news at 3 in the morning when the world’s most expensive handbag sold for $379,261 at the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. The Exceptional, Matte White Himalaya Nilioticus Crocodile Birkin has since become legendary.

Jane Angert, whose professional name is JaneFinds, is the woman who brokered the illustrious Birkin. So what does an Hermès broker do, and how does her business operate?

According to The Cut, Angert began her career when eBay was just catching on in 1996. As a professional Hermès collector, seller, and consultant, she worked exclusively online. Today, she owns more than 80 H bags herself, and works to help other Hermès aficionados build their collections. (Fun fact: her studio in New Jersey has between 150 and 250 rare Hermès bags at any given time!)

JaneFinds currently has over 1,000 clients, but she doesn’t just sell to private clients. She uses a number of different platforms to conduct her business: eBay, auction houses, Portero,, Instagram, Facebook, 1stDibs, and Fancy. Recently, she debuted her own product, the Baginizer, which is meant to protect the inner structure and shape of Hermès bags.

This successful business put her in the position to broker the world’s most expensive handbag ever sold. She’s staying mum on who bought the coveted purse, but another luxury-bag blogger referred to the buyer as “a member of the Saudi royal family who prefers to stay anonymous.”

Even though that celebrated Birkin is special on account of the price it fetched, Angert says it’s certainly not the rarest Hermès bag she’s come across. The uppermost tier of rarity includes a rainbow Kelly, as well as a zebra Kelly 20 with mini zebras lining the trim and interior she once sold.

What are your thoughts on JaneFinds’ work and the exclusive Bs and Ks she deals with? Do you aspire to have any of these exceptional, one-of-a kind treasures yourself? Or are you more drawn to normal leathers and classic looks? Let us know below!

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Photo courtesy, respectively: Janes Finds and Christie’s


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