Russian Influencer Who Cut Up Chanel Bag Branded ‘Hypocrite’ After Being Spotted with Another


At the onset of conflict in Ukraine earlier this year, you’ll recall one luxury brand took quite a stance against the Russian government’s aggression- one that would prove shocking to many. We reported on how high fashion house, Chanel, announced that it would restrict sales of its goods to Russian nationals abroad. This, in addition to the brand closing all of its Russian boutiques.


Russian shoppers in countries abroad were quick to express their disappointment, distaste and anger at the house’s move. While some claimed the brand was partaking in “cancel-Russia” tendencies, others called for a full boycott of the brand.

One of these individuals was social media influencer Victoria Bonya. Bonya rose to prominence (or notoriety, depending on how you look at it) during this time for an Instagram video posted to her account. In it, she was shown cutting up her Chanel Wallet on Chain with a pair of garden sheers. “If Chanel House does not respect its clients, [why] do we have to respect Chanel? Bye bye,” she is heard saying (the English translation of her quote).

However, it seems that there is no love lost between Victoria and Chanel, as just a few days ago, an Instagram photo showed her posing with… a Chanel Wallet on Chain. Online users everywhere were eagle eyed in spotting the accessory, and quick to brand the influencer as a hypocrite. “Disgusting,” “pathetic,” “double standard” and “hypocrisy, were just some of the comments towards Bonya’s picture. Others genuinely wondered how and where the influencer was able to purchase the WOC given Chanel’s ongoing restrictions on the sale of its items to Russian nationals.

Questions like “Did she glue it together?” “Is Chanel back?” “Where are you buying Chanel bags?” were pondered by IG and social media users alike. Admittedly, the situation is one to make you think.

Victoria Bonya has not yet responded to any of the comments made regarding her newly acquired Chanel bag, nor to her initial act of destroying the previous Wallet on Chain. However, what do you think of all this? 

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