Special Order Colors/Leathers 2016


What are your opinions on the color selection this season? Personally, I wanted more bright colors like Blue Atoll or Rose Sakura for my SO. I would love to know which combination you guys would choose!

(My apologies for the blurry photo)

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So many lovely colors though! Are you wanting to do a bi-color?! I know there are many more color options in Togo and Clemence I think than Epsom and chèvre, correct?! If you can’t find two coordinating colors I would just do a single color with a contrasting interior. I think @stylishsheba and @leorangebliss can help you with SO options too as well as fabulous PurseBop too! If I asked my SA I’m sure he would let me probably, lol. I’m loving your IG feed too! So fabulous.

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Blanc- Blanc
Natural- Craie, Etoupe
Marron- Gold, Macassar
Orange- Feu, Capucine
Rouge- Vermillon, Bougainvillier, Rubis, Rouge Grenat, Rouge H, Rouge Tomate
Pink- Rose Indien, Rose Jaipur
Purple- Raisin
Blue- Bleu Saphir, Bleu Indigo, Blue Nuit, Bleu Paon, Bleu Electrique, Blue Hydra, Bleu Obscur
Gray- Gris Perle, Gris Fume, Gris Mouette, Etain
Green- Vert Ponce, Bambou, Sauge, Malachite

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